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In celebration of 15 successful years of Hurricane Thursdays, last Thursday the University decided to break the world record for the largest human letter.

Over 1100 students, staff and Tulsa residents arrived at the Chapman Stadium for free Jimmy Johns sandwiches, T-shirts and the opportunity to set a record in the “Guinness Book of World Records.”

“Planning the event has been a lot of work to say the least,” said Andreya Williams, Assistant Director of Resident Life, “but we’ve had a lot of support from our TU family. As it turns out, there is a lot that goes into attempting to break a record; the application process, the license agreement, marketing, volunteers, etc.”

The Largest “T” event had been in the works since the end of the school year last year in May, when TU finalized the calendar for this year’s Hurricane Thursdays.

Over 1,100 students showed up to break the world record for largest human letter.

Over 1,100 students showed up to break the world record for largest human letter.

The event required the help of a multitude of volunteers in order for things to run smoothly.

“It’s taken the help of many people to make this attempt possible,” Williams stated. “We [had] to have witnesses, stewards, volunteers to help pass out shirts, distribute tickets, etc.”

Among the crowd of people was TU student Megan Shewey, who attended the event for more than the free T-shirt.

“I thought it would be fun to be a part of breaking a world record,” said Shewey, a senior. “Now I can update my two truths and a lie for when I play that game, because no one would expect breaking a world record to be a truth.”

The University has broken two records in the past, those being the record for the Largest Twister Board and the record for the Largest Finger Painting.

“I think it says that the University is open and willing to try some fun things like this to boost spirit.” Shewey said. “We are a very academic university, that’s one of our points of pride, but we’re also able to do fun things like break a record.”

Shewey, along with the other participants, was only in the stadium for a little under an hour, as officials focused on making the event as short and convenient as possible.

“My favorite part about the event was that we actually did break the record and I got to do it with my friends,” Shewey stated. “I also liked seeing a that bunch of teachers and even President Upham participated too.”

The official count still has to be verified by the Guinness World Records, but it is likely that the University will be able to add this record to its list of accomplishments.

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