TU presents Top Ten Freshmen at Homecoming game

Natalie Ames is a nursing major. After college, she hopes to work in “ labor and delivery, or the neonatal intensive care unit or the pediatric intensive care unit.” After a few years of experience, she plans to return to school to earn her master’s degree and become a nurse practitioner. In the TU community, she is involved in TU Catholic Newman Center, TU Student Nursing Association and University Ambassadors. She also is on the SA Cabinet as the associate director for the Homecoming/Grad Party Committee. Plus, she works for the Center of Global Education as a IFSA-Butler Global Ambassador to promote the program. Within an email, she explained her community involvement as a “volunteer at the local Church of St. Mary as a Confirmation Leader, where I work with a small group of high school students throughout the year to prepare them to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in May.”
Her favorite aspect of TU is the friendliness of the faculty and staff. She actually told a story within answer this question that I thought was worth sharing: “Even before I ever attended TU, I was interning at the School of Nursing, and while I was carrying an intubation kit around, I happened to run into Dr. Clancy, who asked if I wanted to learn how to intubate someone; he then immediately stopped whatever he was doing and took out the intubation tools and taught me how to intubate. It’s little experiences like that that make TU’s faculty so amazing.” She was chosen as one of the Top Ten Freshmen because of her initiative, risk-taking and passion for TU.

Conner Bender is computer science and mathematics double major. His dream is to “serve and protect people using technology” in accordance to God’s plan for him. He is very involved around campus. Bender participates actively in SA, Greek Life, Cyber Corps, Global Scholars, honors program, NOVA Fellowship, University Ambassadors, Future Alumni Council, Reformed University Fellowship, TU Rotaract Club, Presidential Leaders Fellowship, Big Brother at Kendall Whittier and Concert Chorale.
His favorite part of TU is “the relational campus environment that fosters intentionality and the culture of trying new things, being susceptible to failing, and identifying the success in that failure.” Bender was chosen as one of the Top Ten to represent the individuals here at TU that invested in him during his first year.

Evan Chee Yang Ng is a petroleum engineering with a minor in mathematics and economics. After college, he either plans to attend grad school or backpack around the world. He is involved Association of International Students, Society of Petroleum Engineers and Malaysian Student Association of TU. Also, he is a volunteer as Reading Partner in Kendall-Whittier Elementary School. His favorite part of TU is the personal connection with professors and peers provided by the size of the university. Also, he really appreciates the multicultural and international exposure within the TU community. In his own words, “As an international student, I didn’t just get to learn about the states, but also, have the opportunity to learn about international cultures. Thank you AIS and SA for bringing the world to TU.” He believes he is one of the Top ten because he represents TU’s International student population well.

Nicholas R. Langston is majoring in math with minors in economics and philosophy. His dream is to either be a math professor or an economist. But he would like to tour the country or world as a street performer before he dives into his career. On campus, he is involved in Students Against Food Inequality as treasurer and is a Global Scholar. Currently, he is working to start a Movement Arts club to unite all students who express themselves through movement such as jugglers, dancers, gymnasts, flow artists, hoop artists, aerialists and others.
His favorite part of TU is Goldie the golden retriever and the direction President Clancy and dean of students Mike Mills are taking to reduce violence on campus. Langston was chosen as a Top Ten Freshmen because of his unique combination of math major with his passion for the performing arts and his perseverance in his involvement in the community.

Cassandra Meador is a psychology major with a women and gender studies minor. After college, she wants “to get my Ph.D. in psychology and become a professor one day.” On campus, she is involved as a RA at Lottie Jane Hall, national communications coordinator for RHA, member of NRHH, Phi Eta Sigma and associate director of Elections and Policy committee on SA. Also, she is the undergraduate assistant in the Trauma Response: Assessment, Prevention and Treatment Center directed by Dr. Davis.
Her favorite aspect of TU is the “opportunities of academic and personal growth” and the connections she’s made throughout her time here. She was chosen as one of the top ten because of her global perspective she acquired after traveling to Ghana, her leadership skills by serving others, her growth mindset and her enthusiasm for learning and teamwork.

Clay Moyer is a business management major with a specialty in entrepreneurship and innovation. After college, he wants to be an entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry. He wants to live in a large city for the early part of his career and later move back to his hometown to raise a family and care for the family ranch.
He is involved in aspiring management and marketing professionals as the chairman of founding committee and as president of Global Scholars on the executive committee, in his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha as assistant community service chair, Global Scholars food education project and the Honors program.
His favorite part of campus is how helpful professors are and how they want their students to do well and succeed. He was chosen as one of the top ten because of his leadership roles and relentless work ethic.

Madison Pickett is a biochemistry major with a law and policy minor. She wants to attend medical school after graduation and ultimately work in a surgical field. On campus, she is involved as an associate director for Student Awareness for SA, the community service co-chair for Chi Omega, a member of Chi Omega, a member of Early Careers in Community Medicine, a University Ambassador and a member of American Chemical Society.
Her favorite part of TU is all of the diverse people she has met. She believes because of the large international student population, students “have a really unique opportunity to meet so many different people from different backgrounds” at TU. She was chosen as one of the top ten because she has recognized the value of education and is actively working towards making a change around campus.

Brittanie Whitney is a business management major with a focus in law and a minor in spanish. Her dream is to work as a Consular Fellow in any US embassy in Latin America. On campus, she is involved in Future Alumni Council, University Ambassadors, Global Scholars, Chi Omega and Students Against Food Insecurity.
Her favorite part of TU is the “endless opportunities available to students, the close-knit community and the collaborative environment in and out the classroom.” She was chosen as a Top Ten Freshmen because she has taken what she has learned from her TU experience and applies all that knowledge to her daily life, community and world.

Claire Chapman is a biology pre-med major. Her dream is to go to medical school and become a OB/GYN. She plans to specialize as a Maternal Fetal Specialist and work as a doctor for high risk pregnancies. Around campus, she is involved in Honors program, Reformed University Fellowship, University Ambassadors, Kendall-Whittier Reading Partners, Special Olympics Oklahoma, Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Student Health Advocacy Association and intramural sports. Also, she serves as executive director for Homecoming/Grad Party for the Student Association, vice president for TU College Republicans and greek activities coordinator for Kappa Alpha Theta. Her favorite aspect of TU is that the school both challenges and encourages her. It has given her the opportunity to grow within the community and help the community grow itself. She was chosen as a Top Ten Freshmen because she has embraces all the opportunities TU has given her from academic courses to service and leadership organizations.

Post Author: Cheyanne Wheat