TU searching for a new mascot

Sports writer Mary Lickona discusses why Goldie is the best option for a new mascot.

Last year, TU lost one of its beloved members. The 29-year reign of Captain Cane has come to an end. As of early 2022, Carson took to Twitter to announce that the superhero-esque mascot for TU would be replaced, sharing a tombstone intended for Captain Cane. Last month Carson announced that the new mascot would be unveiled this coming football season.

As sad as the TU student body will undoubtedly be to see the fleshy and cartoonish Captain Cane go, I don’t think they understand the difficulty there is in choosing a new mascot for TU. For years, TU has struggled to present a fighting front for football that can be represented by an appropriate figure. Carson has gone on record stating that the Golden Hurricane is hard to actualize, as shown by the multiple changes in mascots. Previously the Golden Hurricane was represented by Hurc, a little golden cloud arriving in the late 1970’s (who also went by the nickname Huffy) who was then replaced by the late Captain Cane in 1994, who underwent at facelift in 2009. In an interview with Tulsa World, Carson admitted the weight of the task. “I think it’s going to be controversial however we go. Some people are going to hate it. I’m going to have to own that.”

One suggestion for TU’s new mascot was the well-documented suggestion from a boy in Scarsdale, New York. Given via letter, this young fellow suggested to Carson that the new mascot be Nax D. Saurus, based on an extinct Oklahoman animal. Though unlikely for his suggestion to be taken, credit must be given to this New York boy for his interest in TU’s new mascot.

Another suggestion for the new TU mascot is the obvious choice of our favorite little labrador, Goldie. The Canine Ambassador is already a very familiar figure around campus and often makes appearances at games. It would be very easy and fun to incorporate a Goldie mascot. It would be cute and cuddly, much less off-putting than Captain Cane.

Personally, I am a big fan of the Goldie Mascot option. I will list the following reasons as to why Goldie would be a superior mascot as opposed to another superhero or an alternative animal mascot:

1. Everyone LOVES Goldie. This fluffy ambassador has probably done more for TU notoriety than admin cares to admit. Goldie is an absolute icon. Lose or lose, students will turn out to a football game for a chance to pet a puppy or at least get one of those little goldie plushies. We are fundamentally big kids and we require the fluffiness.

2. Goldie is already a hit. Why venture out into unknown territory with a new mascot when there is one already here? As admin observed in the clearly well-thought-out and good-for-everybody 2019 True Commitment Plan, students have already voted with their feet. They will follow where the dog goes, and if the dog goes with the football team, I guess the team has a fanbase now.

3. Lots of other schools have a dog mascot, but do other schools have a Canine Ambassador? Let’s depend upon our strengths instead of undermining them. That’s how games are won, and we want TU to be a winning school.

4. Honestly, it would be a nice change. I think that 13 years is a long time to keep a mediocre mascot around, and since we have already tried a nebulous cloud and a funny superhero, why not throw out something new. It will be a new season, and a new class joining TU’s ranks — the class of 2027. Bring on the change and see how it changes TU (high hopes, but dogs are hopeful creatures).

Post Author: Mary Lickona