TU Ten: College Anxiety

10. Late work. It’s already past the deadline, and you know you have to turn it in, but you just don’t have the time!

9. Skipped classes. It feels so good to sleep late, but you def need to get up in time for that 8:00.

8. Ghosts. The vengeful ghosts of the prospectors that swore vengeance on your family line make college really hard to deal with.

7. Social gatherings. It’s scary, but sometimes you just need to get over your fears and meet some new people.

6. Upcoming tests. Not only are your tests way too hard, but it seems like they’re always on the same day. Do the professors plan it out or something?

5. Ghosts. I’m not kidding about that ghost thing. They’ve been slamming doors, possessing people, and just doing general spooks all over the place.

4. Not making time for yourself. Sometimes all of your responsibilities seem to build up, and it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. Just make sure to take some you time!

3. College debt. Even though you’re spending a lot on college now, you’ll earn more later! It’ll all work out in the long run.

2. Drama. It always happens, you just need to do your best to get through it, and make up afterwards.

1. Ghosts. Look, even though they’re teaching your roommate how to make pottery, they’ve still gotta go. Call an exorcist.

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