TU Ten: Least Known Spring Break Destinations

1. Nagorno-Karabakh: The international community may not recognize it as an independent country, but don’t tell that to the proud and self-governing residents of these Azerbaijani highlands! Nagorno-Karabakh is completely landlocked, so there will be literally no one competing with you for a spot on the beach.

2. The Mariana Trench: This trench at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is off the beaten path, but it features some of the most breath-taking sites in the world.

3. US West 1542: You may not have thought you’d be spending spring break in some random students’ apartment, and believe me, neither did they!

4. Grand Island, Nebraska: If you’re too hip for actual islands, Grand Island, Nebraska, is the place for you. Visit the historic Plum Street Station, or celebrate the Children’s Groundwater Festival. Or stop into any local farmhouse to enjoy some genuine midwestern culture.

5. Abandoned building at 155 Washington Ave., knock twice and ask for Burt: Once Atlanta’s best kept secret, this hip spring break location is still Atlanta’s best kept secret. So scram.

6. Pencil Museum, Keswick, UK:
What better way to cool off after a long day at Britain’s brisk beaches than by visiting the site of the world’s first pencil? Find out how colored pencils get their color, and learn about the pencils used by RAF pilots.

7. My house: Though it is one of the most underrated spring break attractions in the world, my house is full of plenty of love and attention for anyone who just pays me a short visit please don’t let me be alone this spring break.

8. Atop the third Mizzou billboard between Rolla and Springfield on I-44: Soak up some rays, feel the wind in your face and let the sound of trucks speeding by at 70 miles per hour soothe you to sleep.

9. The abyss of Queen Nesuthraster:
It may not sound like an exciting place to be, but you’ll grow to like this locale once you EMBRACE THE INEVITABLE ARRIVAL OF THE ANCIENT ONES.

10. Tulsa, Okla.:
Impress all of your hipster friends with this less frequently visited vacation spot. I know it may sound like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but this art deco-infused Midwestern town has its fair share of charms.

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