Tulsa county election results

Voters headed to the polls this past Tuesday for the City of Bixby Special Utility Franchise election, as well as the City of Collinsville, City of Glenpool, City of Jenks, City of Owasso, City of Sapulpa and City of Tulsa Special Elections. The Tulsa County Sheriff Special General and Special Proposition Elections were also held.

Results for the Tulsa County elections are as follows:

Vic Regalado (R) will be Tulsa County’s next sheriff

Regalado beat out Rex Berry (D) for sheriff 62 percent to 38 percent. Regalado is a sergeant and a Tulsa Police Department detective. He has extensive experience with police work as well as law enforcement education and training. Regalado is a Medal of Valor recipient. His platform focuses on his qualifications and accomplishments within the police force, as well as his status as a family man and “proud American.” He has also shown opposition to illegal immigration, which has raised some concern in Tulsa’s Hispanic community.

All Vision propositions passed

Proposition 1 installs a permanent tax to benefit public safety, and passed 72 percent to 28 percent. Proposition 2, also a permanent tax, will benefit Tulsa’s public transportation system, and passed 75% to 25%. Proposition 3 creates a 15-year temporary tax to benefit Arkansas River infrastructure and development projects, and passed 63 percent to 37 percent.

An additional sales tax question passed

A final proposition retains the 0.05% of the expiring sales tax not covered by the new Vision proposals, and passed 64 percent to 32 percent. This means that the total sales tax will remain the same. These funds will go towards roads, infrastructure and county parks, as well as capital improvements for building and parking.

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