Twenty-One Plus: Blue Sky

Blue Sky

2 oz. Heisenberg Blue Ice vodka
1 oz. horchata
½ oz. Goldschläger
½ oz. blue curaçao
1 egg white
rimming sugar

Coat the rim of a martini glass with sugar, then chill.
Add all ingredients except the curaçao to a cocktail shaker with ice.

Shake vigorously until very cold and foamy.

Pour into chilled martini glass.

Use a funnel or straw to pour the curaçao into the base of the glass.

Sprinkle with sugar on top and serve with a cocktail stirrer.

Drink this if: You’d like to reminisce about Walter White’s Heisenberg and his Blue Sky creation. This sweet and spicy cocktail may be as close as you can (legally) get to tasting Blue Sky for yourself, perhaps while binge-watching Breaking Bad. A creamy cinnamon concoction like this would be a perfect sipper to savor on a warm New Mexico afternoon—spring in Oklahoma is close enough, right?

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