University launches new website

This week marks the launch of the new University of Tulsa website.

What used to be a website that was clunky and hard to navigate is now smooth and well-organized.

However, the brand new website limped out of the gate, frequently inaccessible in the first several hours post-launch.

The instability was eventually taken care of, and the new website was completely revealed.

The old website design was scrapped in favor of a site with larger text, pictures with current students and up-to-date information.

Different heading sections show better organization, while some drop-down menus add quick access to frequently-used services (such as scheduling a campus visit for prospective students or contacting the business office).

Some website features were cut during the redesign—namely, the staff directory and biographies.

While the biographies seem to be absent at the moment, various faculty and their contact information can be found as part of the new student portal, which also received a redesign.

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