University of Tulsa Museum Appreciation brought to campus

Recently, SA chartered the University of Tulsa Museum Appreciation club. Hannah Johnson, a graduate student, is president. Molly Noah, another graduate student, is secretary.

The club exists to promote student opportunities to go to museums, events and cultural activities. “A lot of people will think about museums, but don’t have anyone to go with,” Johnson said. She hopes the club can give people a group to go with.

Being a new club, UTMA does not have firm events set up as of yet. So far, the group plans to regularly attend First Friday events in the Brady Arts District. This semester and possibly the next, the club plans to explore the Tulsa area. As they receive more funding, they hope to travel around the state to visit further away museums. “Ultimately, we’re just in the beginning stages,” Noah says, but they hope to “coordinate with OU or OSU about bigger lecture series” or other events.

In addition, Johnson hopes to have events with speakers talking about art, anthropology or other topics. Noah adds that they want to promote “museumology” through programming, as well. She wants to encourage undergraduates to “see museums as a great career” and explore TU’s graduate program.

Johnson also hopes to have the club involved with charity events. These events could be anything from a drive for art supplies for local kids or fundraising for local schools to get buses to go to museums.

“Museums are an incredible way to experience your community,” Noah says, “they’re informal but also informed about a particular topic.” With the addition of the club, those involved hope to expand students’ college experience beyond campus.

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