Voter Disenfranchisement: Reps vs. Dems

Many people believe that their vote doesn’t matter.

“They’re right of course,” said Sara Serrano, very hip TU republican. “The Man’s trying to get you to spend all day making a line to cast your ballot for a rigged system. Wake up and smell the corruption, sheeple. Everyone in power’s gonna stay in power, so there’s no point in wasting your time.”

Weirdly, folks left of the center seem to largely agree. One student our team interviewed, Emily Every, a terminally online Twitter communist, mirrored Serrano’s position:

“Brother, it’s all a wash until we destroy the free market itself — who gives a shit what industry plant sits in the oval office? I’m not voting until I see someone on the ballot I agree with, and it’s not like furry leftists are supported by the political machine. It’s either we change it on the ground-floor or we start the revolution, whichever slots into my schedule better. Until then, I’m cyberbullying people’s dads on until they see all this shit for what it really is: late stage capitalism in its death throes. I just wish the damn Republicans and centrists would wake the fuck up and see how us proles are getting mowed down by the system. I mean, where’s your class consciousness? Do you even read theory?”

At this point, Every adjusted her jacket so that we could see her copy of Adorno’s “The Authoritarian Personality” peeking out of her coat pocket. Without being asked, she gave us a quick run-down on how facism pervades our modern political landscape, then referenced in a rather self-congratulatory way how Adorno’s theory mirrored TU’s own financial restructuring.

Upon hearing that her points were echoed by a “fucking libtard,” Serrano quickly pivoted:
“Government’s the best. Obviously. They’re making some great moves out there and we should support that.”
Upon being asked she now thought if people should go vote this year, Serrano said, “Oh no no definitely not.”

Post Author: Sara Serrano