What kind of introvert are you?

1. You’re at a party, and you don’t know a lot of people there. What do you do?
a) After a little bit, go home and curl up with a good book. You get easily tired of social situations, and you need some time to recharge.
b) Just hang out with the people that you know. You aren’t really good at anything in particular, but you’re very loyal to your friends.
c) Hover at an altitude between 200 and 4,000 meters. You are composed of water vapor.
d) Be the life of the party! You’re great at talking to people, and you even try to make sure that others are having a good time.

2. Do you like just hanging out one-on-one, or with a group of friends?
a) One on one! You don’t like large groups, and honestly, sometimes you’d rather hang out with a cat than with a person.
b) It doesn’t matter too much. You don’t fit in any other category, so you’re in this one.
c) You are often accompanied by smaller cumulus clouds, but you sometimes go all out and join a cold front squall line.
d) You love hanging out with large groups! You thrive in the middle of a bunch of different people.

3. Are you ever called an “old soul,” even if you’re in your twenties?
a) All the time! You take in a lot of information, so it takes you a long time to react to things.
b) Not really. You don’t really have many distinguishing characteristics, besides being magical.
c) No. You usually have a lifetime of a few hours, before you either become a thunderstorm or dissipate into the atmosphere.
d) No. You’re so energetic and quick that you might seem younger than you actually are!

Mostly A: You are a Reclusive Introvert!
You’re a classic introvert. You don’t like hanging around large groups for too long, and even hanging out with close friends can be too much. Never be afraid to leave a party if it’s too much for you, and don’t let people tell you that you’re not good enough as you are – being an introvert is cool now!

Mostly B: You are a Hufflepuff!
You are part of the most boring Hogwarts house, and honestly, you’re just in this quiz because of a computer error. Were there even any Hufflepuff characters in the books? We probably didn’t see any because they’re introverts, so you’re either an introvert or you just don’t like hanging out with Daniel Radcliffe.

Mostly C: You are a Cumulo-Nimbus!
You are a dense, towering vertical cloud, usually a sign of atmospheric instability or thunderstorms. You can produce lightning, torrential rain, or even tornadoes, but your good friends know that you’re really just a big softy. You require moisture, an unstable air mass and heat to form – don’t be afraid to ask people to turn off the AC!

Mostly D: How dare you, you’re An Extrovert!
This isn’t your place. This is for introverts only! You get to be fun at parties and assertive at work, and introverts don’t get anything. I just don’t understand why you would take this quiz, knowing that you’re an extrovert. This is our space. Get out.

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