What year in college should you actually be?

Add up the points you get for each answer, then consult the answer key to determine whether you’re a naive freshman, a jaded senior, or something in between.

1) How much time did it take for you to move into your room?
a) I had my family help me move in, but I spent hours decorating and getting everything just right. (5 points)
b) I don’t know, like 20 seconds. Enough time for me to take off my pants and fall onto my bed. (20 points)
c) I’m not sure, but it felt like for-freakin-ever because we had to move my roommate’s four-ton couch up two flights of stairs. (15 Points)
d) Being completely honest? I haven’t finished unpacking yet. (10 points)

2) What do you plan on having for breakfast most often this year?
a) Breakfast? What’s breakfast? (15 Points)
b) Eggs and hashbrowns and toast and waffles, it’s going to be great! (5 Points)
c) One prepackaged bowl of Frosted flakes or Apple Jacks. (10 Points)
d) Whatever I can find in the fridge that isn’t moldy. (20 Points)
3) How did you decide on your classes for this semester?
a) I heard that the other professors were awful, so I thought this would be the lewast bad. (15 Points)
b) I heard this professor was great, so I managed to sign up. (10 Points)
c) These were the only classes I could get into. (5 Points)
d) I’m not proud of what I did, but I did what I had to do. (20 Points)
e) Oh, you know, I thought these would be fun classes. (0 Points)

4) How do you decide where to sit in your classes?
a) I want to make a specific impression on the professor. (5 Points)
b) I try to find the three decent people in the room and join them. (10 Points)
c) I try and sit down wind of the grad students. (15 Points)
d) Oh… those skid marks better not have taken my seat. That’s MY seat.(20 Points)

Answer Key

If you got less than 30 points, you are: a freshman!

If you got 31-50 points, you are:
a sophomore!

If you got 51-70 points, you are:
a junior!

If you got 70 points or more, you are: a senior!

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