Where to eat in Tulsa anytime of day

Here’s a (nonexhaustive) list of great eats in Tulsa.

Of all my favorite things in Tulsa, the food definitely sits towards the top of that list. My biggest selling point when telling people to visit me is the food. A fantastic meal on the weekend is one of my best motivations to get through the week. It brings me so much joy to sit at the table with friends, recount the week’s triumphs and blunders and of course, eat a wonderful meal.

On-campus things
I apologize, but I’m a bit out of touch from on-campus eats. Last I was eating on-campus dining, the Caf was in Pat Case and the Hut existed. Sooo, I’d stick with whatever your body wantsーwant sushi? Eat it. It’ll do, or even, do you well. Want Chick-fil-A? Of course you do, eat it. Feeling healthy? Why not a salad. Bagels? We love Einstein’s in the morning. I’m sorry I’m not much help, but I think you’ll be fine!

Off-campus things, oh my
Rose Rock Creamery
I had to start off with this one! After first having ice cream here, I came back the next day. I will unequivocally say it’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had. I love their rotating specials (big fan of Black Sesame and Earl Grey Blood Orange whenever they come around), as well as their always-there flavors (especially Vietnamese Coffee.) With the smooth, creamy scoops and a beautiful view of downtown Tulsa, you truly can’t go wrong. I saw Jenna Boyd from “Atypical” there once; maybe you’ll run into her too.

Antoinette’s Baking Company
I love this place. They have delicious French pastries, recurring themed days and the cutest cafe atmosphere. I frequent this cafe the most whenever they have their oh-so-wonderful Pie Nights. With more than five different pie options (including vegan and gluten-free optionspies), how could you say no?

Cherry Street Kitchen (no longer on Cherry Street)
With super funky red booths, an ever delicious sounding menu and meals made with love, Cherry Street Kitchen is the perfect spot for a Saturday brunchーthat first breath you take after a long week. Anything you order off their menu, from biscuits and bowls to paninis and salads, is bound to be good.

Trencher’s Delicatessen
Time and time again, a good sandwich is all I need and Trencher’s has some of the best ones. Their Dutch Crunch bread meets all your crunchy sandwich needs and one sandwich from them could feed me for two meals. Grab their homemade lemonade and chips with your sandwich and you’re good to go.

For any vegans and vegetarians out there, this is the place for you. If this isn’t you, still come! A wonderful primarily vegan cafe with the coolest decor, I love coming here for an adzuki sandwich on their house-made sourdough bread.

Pho Nhi
Moving away from home, I needed to find a good pho spot. Pho Nhi (though not the same as my mom’s) is the perfect spot for a chilly fall day or anytime you’re needing a little comfort. Eat a bowl and then stop by Nam Hai International Market next door for some dessert-y snacks.

India Palace
Do you love Indian food? Yeah, me too. A wonderful place for a more formal dinner, India Palace more than exceeds any desire you have for some good Indian food. Grab some friends and celebrate having gotten through a tough week here.

This place has fantastic Caribbean food. If you’re ever wanting some jerk chicken or fried plantains, go here! I once ordered an entire jerk chicken from here and ate like a queen for a few days.

Que Gusto
Oh wow, I love this one. Que Gusto is a family-owned Ecuadorian restaurant with some of the best empanadas and meal options. Grab an empanada and some yucca fries and your day is made.

Plan a weekend meal! Gather some friends! Try some new foods! I hope this is helpful and happy eating.

Post Author: Julianne Tran