Women in Music: Supporting multiple musicians at a time.

In recent years, we have seen a vast change in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to more representation for women in the music industry as singers, instrumentalists and composers. Though there is awareness of these talented artists, it is still an uphill battle for several of them, if not all. Women in Music have made it their mission to keep changing the industry and bring more light to these women. As a non-profit organization, they have done an impressive job of raising awareness for equality, diversity (both in creativity and culturally), heritage (recognizing that all women in the music industry are unique and their ethnic background is a large attribute to it) and creating opportunities for women across the board in all aspects of music. It’s about elevating voices.

Women in Music are dedicated to having diversity and inclusivity, supporting women globally since being founded in 1985. They are reaching out to nurture a gift. According to their website, they are “committed to educating, empowering and advancing women in the music industry.” They couldn’t have done it at a better time — in the ‘80s, we saw the best female recording artists, such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Gloria Estafan. They dominated the charts. Though this has been happening for years with other female artists, they broke a barrier. Well, Women in Music clearly wanted to keep this trend going for even more women to follow suit and see that their dreams could be achievable with a good support system, and navigate their way through the industry without being cast to the side or stereotyped because of their gender.

Though this organization is targeted towards women, they also state that membership is open to everyone, as it’s a “diverse group of women, men and non-binary individuals at all stages in their careers.” Having this inclusivity is a good move, considering that the industry might appear big, it’s actually pretty small, as it consists of several small networks, so no one is really away from each other, meaning they all have to work with each other at some point or another.

Aside from supporting emerging female artists in the music industry, throughout the year, they also hold webinars, seminars and different workshops. They also have a mentorship program to keep this going for more women to come. It goes beyond this, too. If someone is inspired by this organization, they are never too far away — as they can start their own local chapter within Women in Music.

Despite COVID-19, they are still going strong, hosting virtual events. The next event is the 2020 Wellness Series, which covers how to find a personal balance. Another event will be of women in the industry answering questions about advertising.

You can find more information on their website. You may even be inspired to join this organization.

Post Author: Karelia Alexander