The magical realist comic book “Daytripper” makes daring use of visual media and its serial format to ask big questions.

Conor Fellin, Managing Editor

Last week, the Collegian reported on the “controversy” surrounding the choice of the watermelon as Oklahoma’s state vegetable. This week, Satire Editor Fraser Kastner ranks some of the other state symbols, in no particular order.

Fraser Kastner, Satire Editor

The University of Tulsa’s treatment of Trey Barnett was a mockery of due process. Instead of holding a hearing, the school constructed a one-sided story and then issued a disproportionate punishment. Every student should be concerned.

On TU’s brand of justice

9 February 2015
Nikki Hager, Editorial Consultant

TU recently unveiled a new website that is prettier, more navigable and has been impressively implemented.

Nate Beckemeyer, Student Writer

Over the past six months, the price of oil has dropped substantially. In the short term, the benefits outweigh the costs, but the long-term effects remain to be seen.

Nate Beckemeyer, Student Writer

This week, Flatlanders decide to try the approval method of voting: everyone gets more than one vote, and the best-liked candidate wins.

Sam Beckmann, Student Writer

Professional video gaming has increased in popularity because of its relatability and availability. Like professional sports, e-sports have money prizes and commentators, too.

Sam Beckmann, Student Writer

Parking tickets serve a purpose, admits News Editor Morgan Krueger, but they are being overused and abused by TU in order to line its pockets.

Morgan Krueger, News Editor

The Bleacher Creature gives tips on picking up ladies, talks about prostitution, compares scoreboards, and more.

The Bleacher Creature

9 February 2015
Jesse Keipp, Bleacher Creature

The Tulsa Oilers looked to continue their hot streak after beating the Brampton Beast, but instead they hit a wall while playing the Rapid City Rush.

Wade Crawford, Sports Writer