Full of tap dancing and a live orchestra, the performance appealed to larger audiences than your typical ballet show. Courtesy Tulsa Ballet

Tulsa Ballet puts on Broadway-themed performance

The ‘20s-themed show, “Strictly Gershwin,” made its way to North America after a wildly popular run in Europe. The dancers floating across the stage to the live orchestra music in Tulsa Ballet’s performance of “Strictly Gershwin” transported the audience back to the glitz and glamor of 1920s Hollywood. From the opening strains of music by […]

Pictured is the recipe for the deviled salmon, simple and somewhat unbalanced. Photo by Michaela Flonard

Blue Apron costly, convenient, somewhat healthy

The meal kit subscription service simplifies cooking, but meal planning could easily replace it, for a better cost and more control. Subscriptions are the rage these days. Everything, from theater-going to grocery shopping, can be done on a month-to-month or week-to-week basis. Blue Apron is a meal kit service that promises to simplify cooking at […]

The Echo Dot, convenient but not overwhelmingly helpful, is a well-priced tool. Photo by Adam Lux

Echo Dot no longer a novelty, but has its flaws

Sponsored content: The Amazon Echo Dot has many useful features for a college student. I’ve been using a new piece of tech. For the past couple of weeks, an Amazon Echo Dot, provided for review by U.S. Cellular, occupied my bedside table. One of the most apparent and exciting aspects of the Echo Dot is […]

Early on the film reveals that its plot will be a blunder of pointless exposition and general boredom. Courtesy Netflix

New “Cloverfield” film a mixed bag

A surprise release, “The Cloverfield Paradox” is visually stunning but a letdown of a story. Following the footsteps of its predecessors “Cloverfield” and “10 Cloverfield Lane,” the arrival of “The Cloverfield Paradox” took the world by surprise. Netflix debuted the film’s first trailer during the Super Bowl mere hours before releasing it directly to stream. […]

Hookworms change pace on third record

“Microshift” marks a brief departure from Hookworms’ noise-based rock in favor of a more electronic style. Every now and again, you come across an album for which you have absolutely no context, an album you can’t even remember finding. In any case, the album is right there, so you listen to it, and it turns […]

The art installation is heavily dependent on audience participation, with spots for viewers to place letters and a snap code with which to share it. Photo by Naomi Dunn

“Aria Rising” a thought-provoking installation

Put up in ACSU last week, “Aria Rising” is dedicated to victims of sexual assault. Last Monday, an interactive art exhibit titled “Aria Rising” was installed in the center of the Allen Chapman Student Union. The sculpture captures viewers at first glance through its large stature and striking visuals. It stands on a platform with […]

The new record, ultimately bland, clocks in at around an hour and forty minutes with 24 songs. Courtesy Capitol Records

Migos delivers lackluster performance on “Culture II”

The album falls short of its predecessor, “Culture,” producing none of the trademark Migos bangers. “Culture II,” released January 26, is a 24-song track that gets boring around the 12th song. With a few listens of the full hour-and-forty-minute album, the overall tone is monotonous and misses the previous flow and ferocity of the original […]

The night on which “Phenomenally” occurred was marked with black suits, poetry readings and a good view of our city. Photos by Cheyanne Wheat

“Phenomenally” a reflective, empowering poetry event

MUSED organization hosted “Phenomenally” with the aim of creating a celebratory venue for women-centric poetry. On Saturday, January 27, MUSED organization hosted an event called “Phenomenally,” based off the famous poem by Maya Angelou. It was located at The Brooksider on 35th and Peoria, and all proceeds from the event went to the Reverse Selfie […]

The burst of color and texture from the butterflies in “CHRYSALIS” gave it a serendipitous trait it may not have originally held. Photo by Emily Every

“CHRYSALIS” exhibit explores childhood, social maturation

Erin Rappleye’s exhibit, “CHRYSALIS,” a jewelry-centric installation, focuses more on stagnant snapshots of the past than a future-bound metamorphosis. Erin Rappleye’s current walk-in art installation, titled “CHRYSALIS,” endeavors to recontextualize the childhood playroom. Rappleye, a Tulsa-based artist, writes of the playroom as “a space where we can mimic learned behavior through interactions with our peers […]

CaneFlix movies satiate variety of film-desires

Underappreciated and underutilized, CaneFlix has a myriad of popular films, contemporary or otherwise, for which the service is worth using. CaneFlix has a movie for just about every taste, but when faced with that many choices, it can be difficult knowing which to choose. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of great watches on the […]