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Bleachers concert urges you to your feet

Bleachers, along with opener Bishop Briggs, gave an emotional rollercoaster of a concert. Watching Bishop Briggs literally run back and forth across the stage, as if she had just realized she needed to get ready for a marathon, gave me an energy at the start of the Bleachers concert I didn’t initially have. Bishop Briggs, […]

True Story Slam gives another night of casual entertainment

Ok, So’s hosting of November’s True Story Slam stuck to the general process of how they go each month: entertaining, but not out of the park. It’s that time of the month again; IDL ballroom and Ok, So hosted November’s “True Story Slam.” The theme was “Wanderlust,” or the desire to travel. While there were […]

University of Tulsa

Documentary “Waste Land” worth a watch

“Waste Land” depicts the life of Brazilian landfill workers and their experiences and observations on the garbage in which they work. Vic Muniz is a New York-based artist most famous for his works that involve objects people don’t consider art: chocolate, glass, plastics, jelly, sand and drywall, just to name a few. Born in the […]

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Top podcasts for entertainment and education

Whether you’re a big fan of podcasts or are looking to break into the medium, here’s a good selection to move you along. “Alice isn’t Dead” “Alice Isn’t Dead” features the comforting voice of Jasika Nicole asking you questions about the sustainability of an economy where efficiency surpasses human capabilities, her missing wife and the […]

“The End Will Hurt” a thoughtful play on modern themes

TU Theatre’s performance of Laura Neill’s “The End Will Hurt” brought to campus a surreal and introspectively relevant piece of drama. A girl tries to save the president’s daughter and the Food Network is a voice in some one’s head, all in a world where Facebook is a real human being. Laura Neill’s “The End […]

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Maroon 5’s new record a waste of time at best

The pop group’s new album, “Red Pill Bles,” makes odd reference to “red-pilling” and is just a generally uninteresting album. “Red Pill Blues” was released on November 3, 2017. It is Maroon 5’s sixth album. Currently, “What Lovers Do” is the most popular song in the album hold #12 on Billboard’s top 100. This might […]

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Thanksgiving Dessert

In case you’re going somewhere for the Thanksgiving holiday that doesn’t really follow the law of seasons, here’s a dessert recipe that gives you that quintessential fall pumpkin flavor without forcing you to eat something warm. Pumpkin Pops! 8 oz milk 3 oz pumpkin puree ½ teaspoon maple syrup ¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice Dash […]

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More books to read if you’re feeling ______

Local bookworm Tori Gellman is back with three more books you can read if you’re feeling despondent, distressed or bold. If you’re feeling: despondent or mischievous “The Two-Family House” by Lynda Cohen-Loigman Set in the ‘40s in Brooklyn, New York, “The Two-Family House” covers the story of two brothers and their families. In Jewish tradition, […]

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On loving “Loving Vincent”

The impressive film stands as a beautiful testament to Vincent Von Gogh and is playing all week at the Circle Cinema. “Loving Vincent” tells the story of Vincent Van Gogh’s life, and, more notably, his death. The story is told through the eyes of Armand Roulin, a hot-tempered, woefully uncharismatic young man who reluctantly goes […]