Freedmen Saga: age-old injustices uncovered

Of all the historical injustices suffered by minorities in America, the story of the Muscogee Creek Freedmen is perhaps one of the most obscure. Last week Ronald Graham Sr., president of the Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band (MCIFB), gave a lecture regarding his unique heritage and the plight of his ancestors. Despite an audience of […]

Eureka! Science news

On Thursday February 11 the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced that they had directly detected gravitational waves using their Advanced LIGO device. Gravitational waves are ripples in the spacetime curvature that move outward from a source. This phenomenon was predicted in 1916 by Albert Einstein as a consequence of his theory of general relativity. Despite their […]

SA Judicial Council updates

Last week, SA’s Judicial Council affected several changes into their procedure laws. These changes follow last semester’s proposed alterations to confidentiality rules. The new rules would also require justices to attend one cabinet and one senate meeting per semester. The process of making changes to judicial procedures started last semester. The Senate, in November of […]

Justice Antonin Scalia dies

Last Saturday saw the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, the renowned bastion of letter-of-the-law conservatism on the Supreme Court, at the age of 79. Scalia was visiting a Texas ranch and missed a scheduled hunting trip after complaining of not feeling well the night before. He was found unresponsive in his bed later the next […]

Is Mary a bridge between Islam and Christianity?

Through multiple examples of medieval writing and art, Dr. Rita George-Tvrtković explained how the Virgin Mary’s portrayals and interpretations have “swung like a pendulum” between being a bridge or barrier between the Muslim and Christian religions. A majority of Muslims view Mary as a righteous figure and believe in the virgin birth. Apart from differences, […]

Eric Harris’ homicide investigation faces internal pressures

After pouring through over 300 pages of testimony in the grand jury investigation of the shooting death of Eric Harris, the Tulsa World reported on February 8 that officials in the sheriff’s department pressured the investigators to report Harris’ death as a “justifiable homicide.” Robert Bates, the officer who fatally shot Harris in the back […]

Bike thefts concern students

In the past few weeks, TU’s campus has seen an increased rate of bicycle theft. Campus crime reports show that there have been 8 bike thefts on campus since January 1, with five thefts occurring in January and three since the beginning of February. Joe Timmons, Director of Campus Security, tells the Collegian that a […]

HB 2428 harms foster children and parents

It’s a worn out story, almost a cliché lately, that once again in the great state of Oklahoma government officials are attempting to use their status as such to force their religious beliefs on everyone else. This time, in an act of self-righteous avarice, they are pushing them on abused, orphaned and/or neglected children. House […]

Republicans oppose Obama’s Supreme Court nominations for the wrong reasons

After Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, Republicans announced that they would refuse to confirm any of Obama’s Supreme Court nominees because of the proximity of the election. They are correct to do so, but they should have framed it differently. Since Republicans have announced their refusal, many on the left have charged them with ignoring the […]