Know how to vote for Okla.’s Justices

This November, you can vote to keep or remove seven Oklahoma Justices from their positions, what the ballot refers to as “available for retention.” Retained Justices keep the jobs they have. Removed Justices no longer serve in their position, and the Governor of Oklahoma will appoint a new Justice to fill their vacant spot. The […]

The Nobel Prize for Literature doesn’t help Bob Dylan

Alfred Nobel’s will states that the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature must be one who has produced “in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction.” Bob Dylan, most famous for his work as a singer/songwriter, has recently become a reluctant recipient of this prize. He has not explicitly […]

John Oliver a comedian before a newscaster

John Oliver is the host of Last Week Tonight, a satirical news program that airs on HBO and is also uploaded onto YouTube. Oliver’s show is often funny and well-researched. Sometimes, I do think he goes too far in sacrificing accuracy for the sake of humor. Also, his progressivism is obvious and clearly impacts the […]

Robots aren’t ready to determine the news

After Facebook’s scandal in May over their lack of conservative news in their trending section, the team of editors that previously checked stories for accuracy and helped determine its popularity were kicked out to allow a hopefully unbiased group of bots to find the most popular news stories and bring them to the public’s eye. […]

“Hair” brings atypical production and sound to TU

For the last two weekends, TU’s theater program has been presenting a production of “Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical.” The play, set in 1968, focuses on a group of young hippies and their experiences in the heyday of their counterculture. Saying “Hair” doesn’t have a plot would be misguided, but the lack of a […]

Oktoberfest drunkenly totters through Tulsa once again

Having kicked off with “corporate night” on Wednesday, this year’s Oktoberfest opened to the general public on Thursday and ran through Sunday night. Just east of downtown, the bierfest takes place in tents near the Arkansas River, where women in dirndls and men in lederhosen wander among Tulsa’s young and old. For those who haven’t […]

The Color Run returns to campus in vibrant hues

Last Monday’s homecoming event was the TU Color Run, a repeat event from 2014. I attended the original TU Color Run as a freshman and really enjoyed it, so I was pleased to see that the event would be returning as part of the #ReignCane throwback theme this year. Besides a slight delay in the […]

Students take politics purity pledge

The latest craze among college students around the nation is to take a “politics purity pledge” with their significant other. The pledge is a commitment between the lovers to not bring up politics until after they are married or have broken up. The pledge, which is usually accompanied with an exchange of sapphire and ruby-encrusted […]