Low voter turnout isn’t necessarily troubling

It was an historic primary season for Oklahoma, with record high turnout numbers for both major political parties. According to the Oklahoma State Election Board, 39.5 percent of registered voters showed up to the polls on Super Tuesday and the raw total of ballots cast shattered the previous mark that had been set in the […]

I underappreciated Obama’s presidency

When Barack Obama took office eight years ago, I imagined the country changing for the worse, because that’s exactly what I’d been told by many of relatives was going to happen. (Mind you, we did celebrate his election as the first black president as a historic occasion). Four years later, when he took office again, […]

Indian association’s Diwali Festival lights up the night

At a cool 52°, the crisp fall weather provided the perfect atmosphere for Diwali: The Festival of Lights last Wednesday night. Presented by the Indian Student Association, the event provided an enjoyable night full of food, games and sparklers while blending in traditional Indian culture. Diwali is a religious festival celebrated in various countries including […]

Pulitzer-winning author Jane Smiley visits campus

American novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley recently visited TU’s campus, agreeing to meet with a few members of faculty and students from classes centered on creative writing. The session was hosted in the faculty lounge on the second floor of the McFarlin library and attracted a small crowd of less than ten people. […]

Modigliani Quartet shines in Saturday night concert

Returning for their second weekend of concerts with Chamber Music Tulsa, the Frenchmen of Modigliani Quartet presented a salon concert for donors and friends Saturday night on Tulsa Performing Arts Center’s Westby Pavilion. In their second of three ticketed concerts over the weekend they presented a program of quartets by Mozart and Ravel. Notably absent […]

“Magic Mama” brings a unique, contemporary voice to TU

Last weekend, TU Theatre put on a reading of “Black Super Hero Magic Mama,” a contemporary play by Inda Craig-Galván, a Chicago native studying at the University of Southern California. The script was the winner of TU WomenWorks, an annual national competition in which female graduate students across the nation send in scripts to be […]

Jeff Rosenstock delivers oddly comforting punk album

“Jeff Rosenstock,” reads the banner on his Bandcamp page, “Professional Recording Artist and Person.” You might normally feel as though such a label is ironic, being that the overwhelming trope for when someone releases a solo album is to discuss their shortcomings in life; certainly not a “professional person.” On top of this, the album […]

“The Handmaiden” an erotic exploration of deception

“The Handmaiden”, a Korean romance/drama/thriller and the latest movie from critically acclaimed director Park Chan-wook, is best viewed without any prior knowledge of the film. Unlike some other movies, “The Handmaiden” genuinely surprised me multiple times throughout its two-and-a-half-hour progression. Its twists are both unpredictable and wholly believable. Much of Park Chan-wook’s previous work has […]

The Bleacher Creature

Kaeperhack I’m not sure if you guys heard, but there was an election this past Tuesday! It was a pretty big one too, deciding who would take over for Barack Obama as the president of the United States. Now you’d think that a lot of people would be turning out to vote, especially those who […]

Women’s basketball opens season up with win

The Golden Hurricane women’s basketball team won their season opener against University of Missouri Kansas City 80–70 on Friday night, the first time they’ve started the regular season out with a win since the 2009-2010 season seven years ago (which was against UMKC as well). The Golden Hurricane finished the game with double-digit points: juniors […]