O’Rourke’s comments have not gone over well with conservatives. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

O’Rourke breaks Democratic tradition, confronts gun debate head-on

The former Representative from Texas made a plea and a promise while discussing a mandatory buy- back plan for assault weapons. On Thursday, Sept. 12 at the Democratic debate, Beto O’Rourke boldly and unflinchingly took one of the most resolute stances on gun control in today’s political world. Just last month, O’Rourke called for a […]

Yang’s “Freedom Dividend” more radical than meets the eye

By giving $1,000 to each citizen, the plan would help fight multiple forms of inequality. Andrew Yang’s most radical plan has certainly gained him some attention, both good and bad, in the Democratic presidential primaries. For those who may be unfamiliar, he calls it the “Freedom Dividend” and has established very simple rules for how […]

General Motors strike a result of disloyalty to workers

After getting bailed out in 2008, GM did not respond in a similar way toward its employees. For those of you just joining the resurgence of labor rights activism, the leaders of the United Auto Workers union called upon 48,000 members to strike against working conditions at General Motors. The strike follows the expiration of […]

School lunches pose problems that many schools haven’t answered

TU students often must plan their eating schedule around how many meal swipes they have left. In the average school, there was always the favored time of day with school lunches. The topic of what would be served was in everyone’s conversation, even if it was just a quick ask and answer. But the negative […]

Trump administration’s vaping ban misguided, not punitive

Teenagers are alredy addicted to nicotine, so banning e-cigs and Juuls will push them to tobacco. Vapes, e-cigarettes, Juuls — years ago they seemed like the solution to a nationwide smoking problem. Recently, however, the movement towards electronic cigarettes has received backlash due to a number of deaths of vape users and the rising number […]

The portrayal of disability in the media

In my last article, I tackled the idea that disability is largely invisible, both in our day-to-day lives and in pop culture. In the last decade or so, visibility has somewhat increased in our media. The problem is, it’s not always positive representation. When disability is shown in television, movies and books, it often falls […]

Joe Hight discussed the life of his older brother, Paul Hight, at the launch of “Unnecessary Sorrow.” photo by Madison Walters

Joe Hight discusses mental health in newest book

Pulitzer Prize winning writer Joe Hight reflects on his brother’s death in “Unnecessary Sorrow.” “We need to continue having discussions over mental illness. We need to remove the negative stigma that surrounds mental illness.” Joe Hight urged the audience attending his book launch to not be afraid of discussing mental illness. The book launch was […]

Junior Christina Helgeston decorates a fence post to celebrate International Peace Day. photo by Sydney Sowell

Peace Pole Project celebrates International Peace Day

Students and faculty painted fence posts dedicated to an international celebration of peace. Students and faculty came together last week to celebrate the merging of the International Students Services and the Center for Global Education by participating in the Peace Pole Project. The Peace Pole Project tradition originated in Japan in the 1950s. Masahisa Goi, […]

The bowl and jars used to break the Ramadan fast is displayed at the entrance of the exhibit. photo by Gabe Powell

Philbrook’s “Wondrous Worlds” teaches about Islam

The exhibition showcases art from all over the world and spanning several centuries, exploring the influence of Islam. The Philbrook Museum of Art is hosting an exhibit boasting over 100 works spanning 1,200 years of Islamic history and influence. It will run until Oct. 6. The display features pieces on loan from the Newark Museum […]