Philbrook Museum of Art welcomed visitors of all ages to watch internet cat videos. courtesy Philbrook Museum of Art

Philbrook screens compilation of internet cat videos

Philbrook hosted a viewing party for cat videos on the lawn where visitors enjoyed food and laughs. It’s long been understood that internet cat videos are a major source of entertainment and escape for anyone with access to the world wide web. Last Friday night, the Philbrook Museum of Art held an outdoor screening of […]

“Hamilton” debuted in New York City in 2015 and started touring the country in 2018. courtesy Playbill

“Hamilton” performance brings diversity to Tulsa PAC

In the show’s tour off-Broadway, the Tulsa “Hamilton” performances featured an ASL translator. By now, if you asked the average individual what immediately comes to mind upon hearing the name “Alexander Hamilton,” most would probably think of Broadway rather than American currency. For this, we have Lin Manuel-Miranda to thank. The musical first showed in […]

The Harga women cry out in pain along with Dani (Florence Pugh) after discovering Christian (Jack Reynor) cheating. courtesy A24

Circle Cinema screens “Midsommar” director’s cut

Ari Aster’s additional scenes expound on themes of codependency, adding to the emotional intensity of the film. (SPOILER ALERT) Many theaters, including Tulsa’s own Circle Cinema, have had second runnings of Ari Aster’s 2019 sophomore film “Midsommar,” this time showing the director’s cut. While this extended version doesn’t make many important additions to the plot, […]

“Downton Abbey” will be shown in theaters everywhere starting Thursday, Sept. 19. courtesy Focus Feature

“Downton Abbey” movie continues storyline flawlessly

Circle Cinema hosted an early screening of the “Downton Abbey” movie. The King and Queen of England come to Downton Abbey in the new “Downton Abbey” movie. All of the characters with whom fans fell in love in the BBC “Downton Abbey” television series come alive on the silver screen with much pomp and ceremony […]

This year’s performance of “Creations in Studio K” incorporated old and new pieces. courtesy Tulsa Ballet

“Creations in Studio K” brings modern ballet to Tulsa

Tulsa Ballet’s “Creations in Studio K” incorporates pieces with innovative movements and aesthetics. My favorite thing about Tulsa Ballet’s “Creations in Studio K” is how fresh and modern the dance feels. When I watch a classic ballet like “Sleeping Beauty,” or “Cinderella,” I enjoy the beauty of the classic story and traditional ballet. However, programs […]


Gather round, ye olde Pagans! As Taurus enters Uranus (or is that the other way around … I’m new at this) we’re diving deep into our sun signs to survive the week. Aries – Aries Targaryen You are determined to catch up on Game of Thrones this week, even though you still haven’t actually started […]

The new dipping sauce will be available at the ACSU starting this week. graphic by Naomi Dunn

Chick-fil-A supports “Strait Pride”

The highly anticipated new Chick-fil-A sauce has been released, but not without its opponents. In a mostly welcomed surprise, Chick-fil-A has decided to debut a new sauce at select locations, one being their location in the University of Tulsa’s Allen Chapman Student Union. However, their decision has had its opponents. The new sauce is a […]

All scientists* agree that smoking is much better for your lungs than vaping. graphic by Naomi Dunn

Smoking healthy alternative to vaping

With new informatiom emerging about vaping dangers, it’s time to return to the original cancer causer. With all the buzz in the media about vaping killing people and being bad for your lungs, it can be so hard to get your hourly nicotine fix without feeling as though the world, and your body, is judging […]

The future of media consumption is bright. graphic by Naomi Dunn

Streaming service market remains unsaturated

You know what we really need? More subscription-based media services! Apple now has a streaming service called Apple TV+. Since apparently their board members don’t believe the market for media services is already oversaturated, here are some examples of other companies followed suit! Wal-Mart TV PLUS – That’s right! You can now watch a Wal-Mart […]