“In Fabric” will open in theaters everywhere in December. courtesy A24

Circle Cinema screens “In Fabric” for Art House Day

Circle Cinema celebrated Art House Day by playing “In Fabric,” a horror movie about a killer dress. Last Wednesday, Sept. 18, was Art House Theater day. To celebrate, theaters across America and Canada had special screenings of several art house films. One of these films was Peter Strickland’s 2018 horror-comedy “In Fabric,” shown in advance […]

I’ve been writing for The Collegian since the second week of my freshman year, and the greatest portion of the dozens of stories I’ve written for this wonderful rag have been album reviews. I toyed with the idea of a column from my first time in the office but decided on just writing one — […]

Bill Rowland improvises accompaniment to the silent films on a pipe organ. photo by Justin Klopfer

Circle Cinema screens “Robin Hood” for Silent Saturday

Circle Cinema’s silent films are accompanied by organist Bill Rowland on the theater’s pipe organ. Every second Saturday of the month, local independent theater Circle Cinema shows a classic silent film. This film is accompanied by live music played on a fully acoustic 1928 authentic pipe organ. It was originally played at Circle Cinema (though […]

Unheard of: student only sleeps four hours

Student announces he only slept four hours last night, shocking his peers. Local business student Cody Montgomery was sent to CSAS’s quiet room this morning for spiritual and physical healing after making the shocking announcement to his 9 a.m. intro to chemistry course that he only got four hours of sleep that night. Shocked by […]

The military faithfully recreated the uniform of the memester troops graphic by Courtney Spivey

Area 51 raid: the “Naruto” rundown

Don’t rely on the fake news media, get the inside scoop on the Area 51 raid. Last Friday the internet community came together and held a march that will be written down in the history books. No, I’m not talking about the climate crisis one, that was kinda cool but really not worth much attention. […]

Okla. schools in shambles after Hooters shuts down

Public schools are scrambling to teach sexual education in the wake of breasturant closings. Oklahoma’s hands have been forced in the recent decision to include sexual education in school curriculum. The decision came after all branches of popular restaurant chain, Hooters, were shut down in the state after violating state health codes. Oklahoma legislators were […]

Career advice for a doomed generation

We have what, maybe 30 years left? Your career decisions are obviously very important. Climate change, nuclear warfare and other apocalyptic what-not makes chances of future survival rather slim. But we are all going to be on the lookout for jobs pretty soon regardless, so here are some tips to help! 1. Embrace the futility […]

Little Rebekka Jenkins with her “woke” mommy. graphic by Emma Palmer

Anti-Vaxx, Pro-Zombie rally

White California moms stage protest to fight their fascist overlords. Early Tuesday morning, hundreds of anti-vaxx parents materialized in the California State Capitol in protest of the recently proposed bill that would make the immunization of children mandatory. We were able to exclusively speak to several of these picketing parents. One such parent, Aimmee Khai-Leigh […]

Corey Taylor II fights through the OSU defense to start a lengthy run. photo by James Taylor

TU up against OSU at half, loses 40-21

Football journalist Hannah Robbins discusses Tulsa’s crushing loss to the Cowboys after a strong first half put them ahead on Saturday afternoon H.A. Chapman Stadium was a sea of orange with some blue on Saturday for TU’s first home game. Coming off the win against San Jose State, there was hope that Tulsa could continue […]