Clancy sought to stack the vote with his dark magic. graphic by Emma Palmer

Gerard Clancy and Rattus rattus

Intrepid journalist Anna Johns and Adam Walsh (the other one) uncover the cheesy truth behind the no confidence vote last Thursday. Upon last week’s discovery of Doctor Geronimo Clancy using hangman chalkings to steal his students’ souls, possessed by the Great Old One Azathoth, we, the intrepid duo of Anna Johns and the other one, […]

We know it’s only November: leave us alone. graphic by Emma Palmer

Christmas gift tips for all your relatives

For all those tricky family members you’ve never actually met. As the semester winds down and the holiday music in malls ramps up, Christmas shopping lists (and prices) are starting to be tallied. Besides the normal gifts (socks for grandpa, gift card for Aunt Susan, etc.), your parents have probably started to dictate some additional […]

Hong Kong violence escalates

Tensions rise between Hong Kong protestors and police. Pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong have been going on for months now, and have recently picked up to a fever pitch. This past week Hong Kong has been effectively shut down due to protesters flooding roads and causing havoc on public transport. Universities across Hong Kong have […]

Members of the Saudi Student Association. Left to right: Sondos Alsaati, Dina Binmansour, Sarah Ahmed, Rami Alboqmi and Nasser Alqahtani. photo by Gabe Powell

International Bazaar opportunity for cultural exchange

The event centered around showcasing the people, foods and cultures from countries around the world. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country. This is just one of many facts attendees learned at the International Bazaar on Friday night. Hosted by the Association of International Students in the Allen Chapman Student Union on Nov. 15, the International […]

The Symphony Orchestra performed the overture to Berlioz’s “Beatrice and Benedict,” Mozart’s “Concerto in C Minor” and Lutoslawski’s “Concert for Orchestra.” courtesy Tulsa Symphony

Tulsa Symphony brings guests to perform classics concert

Visiting conductor Gerhardt Zimmermann led the orchestra in performing Mozart concerto with soloist Robin Sutherland. On Saturday, Nov. 16, the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra gave an intense performance from the works of Berlioz (1803-1869), W. A. Mozart (1756-1791) and Lutoslawski (1913-1994). From the moment the concert started until it ended, the audience was captivated by the […]

Eye on the World 11/18/19

Public hearings begin in Trump impeachment probe The House of Representatives voted to formally open an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, prompting a series of open-door testimonies from Bill Taylor, George Kent, and Marie Yovanovitch that took place last week. On Nov. 12, House Intelligence officials released the schedule for testimonies, officially announcing eight additional […]

Ousting of Morales an anti-democratic coup

An allegation from a right-wing watchdog helped legitimize the overthrow of the socialist ruler. On Oct. 20, Bolivia held its general election. The key element of this election was selecting the country’s next president. Evo Morales, the incumbent, is a wildly popular indigenous man whose socialist policies have slashed poverty rates and supported Bolivia’s large […]

One grande latte, hold the bureaucracy

A simple question leaves me cutting through a jungle of red tape. I’m nearly there, dear reader. Answers are hard to come by in this present climate. I never expected this journey to be easy, but I also never thought I’d change so much along the way. Monday morning. The McFarlin cafe. Two dollars and […]

Women’s health data collaborative analyzes problems

Emma Swepston from Metriarch, a women’s health data collaborative, talks about the “uncomfortable” subject of women’s health. The George Kaiser Family Foundation founded Take Control Initiative (TCI) to improve access to contraception and reproductive health education. The group expands services to offer equitable access to contraceptive methods that are best for each individual and family. […]

Xianjiang’s distance from the coast has made integrating difficult. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Chinese government has tried to destroy Uighur culture

By forcing the Uighurs into internment camps, the government has begun an ethnic cleansing. If you thought Western neocolonialism was bad, wait ‘til you get a load of Chinese neocolonialism. In China’s western provinces, and especially in Tibet and Xinjiang, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is engaged in ethnic cleansing. As of May 2019, the […]