Abstinence-only sex education is instituted in less than half of the U.S. courtesy Huffington Post

Okla. needs better sex education

Though it has the second highest percentage of teen pregnancies in the nation, Oklahoma’s sex education is lacking. Like Salt-N-Pepa once said, “Let’s talk about sex, baby.” Or not. As college students living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have become familiar with the conflicts that Oklahoma schools face. From the teacher walkouts earlier this year to […]

“Valuable experiences” don’t replace paychecks

Unpaid internships exclude those who cannot afford to work without income and aren’t always valuable in students’ chosen fields. As an Arts and Science College student, finding paid internships is a bit more difficult than it is for students in Engineering or Business, for example. The argument in support of unpaid internships is usually the […]

Serena Williams’ loss mischaracterized by media

Though the media has focused on possible sexism by the umpire, Serena Williams did not lose solely due to gender discrimination. Serena Williams has gathered media attention for reasons other than being one of the most accomplished tennis players of all time, with 23 Grand Slam Singles titles. This is more spotlight garnered than iconic […]