SQ801 could alleviate some of the problems that led to 2018’s teacher strikes. courtesy Flickr

State questions on the ballot

The ballot in November will include five state questions on varied topics. Besides the candidates for governor, there will be five state questions on the ballot in the upcoming Nov. 6 gubernatorial election in Oklahoma. Here’s what you need to know about each of them: State Question 793 – This question, if passed, would allow […]

Campus climate survey results

TU hosted a community discussion on the survey’s results, revealing the statistics for those affected by sexual assault on campus. The Student Union was pleasantly packed with people this past Friday during lunch time, all gathered to discuss the results of the Campus Climate survey. Dr. Joanna Davis, a professor of psychology, and the co-founder […]

photo by Emma Palmer

The Mountain Goats concert hits the highlights

Rather than playing songs from their most recent album, the night’s focus was on fan favorites. When it comes to favorite bands, I often avoid or fear concerts. Nothing’s worse than watching your idols fall apart right in front of your eyes. So to say that I approached The Mountain Goats concert with a touch […]

Seeing the public areas of TU seemingly abandoned during the weekend is par for the course for those living on campus. photo by Emma Palmer

Weekend campus culture lacking

Due to a lack of recreational planning, TU students may have difficulties finding public social spaces during the weekends. Picture this: it’s a Saturday afternoon and you have just finished all your homework for the day. So you decide to go out. Maybe you don’t have a car, or maybe you just want to save […]

courtesy Fair Fellow Coffee

Coffee shops to get your study on

Our Variety editor takes us on a tour of all the different coffee shops in Tulsa and what to expect from them. Name: Fair Fellow Coffee. Where is it located: Kendall Whittier Square. What should I order:: I hear they have nitro cold brew now, so I’d go for that. Study vibe: Quiet and sunny, […]

The extra cost of textbooks can be crushing to university students. graphic by Conner Maggio

Textbooks an overheavy financial burden

The educational value of textbooks, especially digital ones, is not often worth the high price point. Fun fact: College is expensive. From tuition to housing to a meal plan, there are enough charges that loans have become a norm in today’s college culture. Enough of a norm that the total cost of student debt in […]

Furnishing campus apartments teaches responsibility

Moving into a new place requires furnishing it yourself, and students should not expect their apartments to be any different. If a student wants to live in a fully furnished space at the University of Tulsa, there are available options. Any of the multiple apartment complexes on campus, however, are not one of them, and […]

courtesy Bao Ngo

“Be The Cowboy” a welcome addition to Mitski canon

Like all good music, Mitski’s “Be the Cowboy” leaves the listener both devastated and hopeful When Mitski sang, “Guess I’m a coward, I just want to feel alright,” I felt that. In her fifth studio album “Be the Cowboy,” Mitski deviates from the indie rock of “Puberty 2,” her last album (and a good one), […]

The tense silences in “A Quiet Place” make for an engaging film. courtesy IMBd

“A Quiet Place” an innovative addition to the horror genre

When you go to see “A Quiet Place,” skip the popcorn. In Bryan Woods and Scott Beck’s original script for “A Quiet Place,” there was only one line of dialogue. Before viewing “A Quiet Place,” I was apprehensive that this fact would be all too apparent as a gimmick and get old after the first […]

Eye on the World

DR Congo boycotts UN aid conference The Democratic Republic of Congo has chosen to boycott an aid conference hosted by the UN that focuses on raising money towards the humanitarian crisis in DR Congo, claiming they do not need the aid. While the UN has moved the crisis to a level three — the highest […]