Askin (left) received half the prize money; Morou (mid) and Strickland (right) split the other half. courtesy Nobel Media

2018 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to laser innovators

Physicists Arthur Askin, Gérard Morou and Donna Strickland were jointly awarded the prize. Lasers were the theme of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2018. The prize was awarded jointly to three people whose work in developing ways to manipulate lasers has opened up new areas of study in medicine and microbiology. One half of […]

Civic engagement can take many different forms. graphic by Emma Palmer

How to stay civically engaged after elections

Though the midterm elections are over, you can still remain politically active through community interaction. It’s been a week since the midterm elections swept through the U.S., followed by some wins and losses. You did your part and voted, posted a selfie to prove it and now it’s time to throw in the towel until […]

Superhero flicks that have nothing to do with Batman

Marvel and DC movies are great and all, but here’s a list for when you want to leave before the end credits. So it’s a Friday night and you’re itching to watch a movie, but not just any one film: you want a superhero flick. You look at the recommended list from Amazon Prime and […]

The recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature will receive their award in 2019. courtesy Flickr

Nobel Prize in Literature not awarded following rape charges

The husband of a Swedish Academy member, which selects recipients for the prize, was found guilty of rape. Following the charge of sexual assault against Jean-Claude Arnault, husband of Swedish Academy member Katarina Frostenson, and the fallout of the entire cabinet, the Nobel Prize in Literature was not handed out this year. Instead, the Academy […]

A Second Amendment rally outside the Minnesota capitol this year in which protesters openly carried firearms. courtesy Flickr

Firearms have no place in a public park

Firearms being allowed inside the Gathering Place is more about displaying power than increasing public safety. Common sense was thrown out the window this week when the Tulsa Police Department shuffled their position on open carry laws at The Gathering Place. In the past, TPD upheld the no-guns policy at the park, but they have […]

photo by Emma Palmer

TU Theatre’s “Man of La Mancha” a smash hit

The show dazzles with emotional highs, a tight cast and great production value. The TU Theatre Department has knocked it out of the park with their performance of Dale Wasserman’s “Man of La Mancha.” Directed by Machele Miller Dill with musical director James Gregory, the show contains a great amount of heart and some earworms […]

Denis Mukwege (left) and Nadia Murad (right) have encountered life-threatening scenarios in their campaigns against sexual violence. courtesy NPR

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to champions against sexual violence

2018’s Nobel Peace Prize winners have spent their careers working in the Middle East and Africa. The prestigious 2018 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two individuals whose activism has called for the ending of mass rape as a strategy during war: Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege. Murad, a survivor of sexual slavery from the […]

SQ801 could alleviate some of the problems that led to 2018’s teacher strikes. courtesy Flickr

State questions on the ballot

The ballot in November will include five state questions on varied topics. Besides the candidates for governor, there will be five state questions on the ballot in the upcoming Nov. 6 gubernatorial election in Oklahoma. Here’s what you need to know about each of them: State Question 793 – This question, if passed, would allow […]

Campus climate survey results

TU hosted a community discussion on the survey’s results, revealing the statistics for those affected by sexual assault on campus. The Student Union was pleasantly packed with people this past Friday during lunch time, all gathered to discuss the results of the Campus Climate survey. Dr. Joanna Davis, a professor of psychology, and the co-founder […]

photo by Emma Palmer

The Mountain Goats concert hits the highlights

Rather than playing songs from their most recent album, the night’s focus was on fan favorites. When it comes to favorite bands, I often avoid or fear concerts. Nothing’s worse than watching your idols fall apart right in front of your eyes. So to say that I approached The Mountain Goats concert with a touch […]