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The Band’s Back Together

Earlier this week, Netflix finally released the long-awaited trailer for its adaption of “The Boys in the Band,” based on a play of the same name. Set in 1968, the story follows a group of LGBTQ+ friends who are celebrating the birthday of one in the group. As the night goes on, the party very […]

Ticketmaster’s market pricing exploits fans

Ticketmaster’s policy to increase prices based on demand makes tickets inaccessible to fans. More than likely, as fans of something, we have all been exploited due to the fame of whom we support. The more fame an artist has, the more fans are exposed to exploitation through various activities. Unfortunately, fans and fame are directly […]

“Doomsday Clock” closer to midnight than ever

Doomsday is only 100 seconds away due to increased anxieties regarding climate change. The Doomsday Clock moved 20 seconds forward, leaving it resting 100 seconds before midnight. This is the closest to midnight the clock has ever been. According to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, “When midnight is reached, we are dangerously close to […]

Brie Larson directed and starred in “Unicorn Store.” courtesy Netflix

Netflix offers a variety of underappreciated content

From a heartfelt zombie movie to an intimate look at superheroes, Netflix offers something for everyone. Netflix’s ever-growing list of original content can be intimidating to sift through. Whether it’s movies or TV shows, Netflix almost has it all. In this article, I am going to recommend some personal favorites of mine. First up is […]

Upcoming finale of “The Good Place” reminds audiences of its power

“The Good Place” explores ethical intricacies and what we owe to each other. “The Good Place” sadly airs its series finale on Jan. 30. The show premiered season four, its final season, in September; it is now reaching the final episode. NBC reported that this particular episode will be 90 minutes long. “The Good Place” […]

Taron Egerton starred as Elton John in “Rocketman,” a fantastical musical adaptation of John’s life. courtesy Paramount Pictures

“Rocketman” unfairly overlooked at Oscars

The film recounting Elton John’s life was more factually accurate than “Bohemian Rhapsody,” yet fared worse in award show nominations. Earlier this week, the nominations for the upcoming Oscars released to quite a bit of controversy. The film “Rocketman” only received a single nomination; the biopic was nominated for Best Original Song. “(I’m Gonna) Love […]

“Parasite” is the first ever Korean film to win Best Foreign Film. courtesy CJ Entertainment

Golden Globes awards make history in several categories

Award recipients gave heartfelt and powerful speeches drawing attention to issues ranging from representation to climate change. The 77th annual Golden Globes awards aired on Sunday, Jan. 5 with Ricky Gervais hosting the show for the fifth time. This year he hypocritically told celebrities to not use their speeches as a platform to bring politics […]

Director Taika Waititi (left) played Hitler, the imaginary friend of Jojo, played by Griffin Davis (right). courtesy Fox Searchlight Pictures

Satirical film “Jojo Rabbit” proves deeply moving

In a humorous and innovative account of World War II propaganda, the film critiques nationalism. “Jojo Rabbit” had its Oklahoma premiere at Circle Cinema this past Tuesday. The film originally had a limited release starting on Oct. 18 and was later released nationally on Nov. 8. “Jojo Rabbit” is satirical film about World War II, […]

My Chemical Romance welcomed back to the Black Parade

While its members pursued solo careers after the band’s separation, the alternative rock band announced a reunion concert. My Chemical Romance announced on Oct. 31 that they will be having a reunion concert in LA on Dec. 20. The band, which split up in 2013, has been a favorite of emo kids all around the […]