Matt Maeson is a musician hailing from Norfolk, Virgina. photos by Maddie Walters

Matt Maeson and The Technicolors perform with heart

The two alternative rock/folk rock musicians brought relatable and heartfelt lyrics to the Vanguard. Matt Maeson has been an artist that I have wanted to see in concert for quite some time now. His newest album, “Bank on the Funeral,” released earlier this year in April. His single “Cringe” has gone on to top alternative […]

Martin Scorese’s comments against Marvel movies enraged fans. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Martin Scorsese unfairly bashes superhero movies

The citically acclaimed director argues that Marvel films can’t be considered cinema to the distain of fans. Martin Scorsese, director of films like”Raging Bull,” “Casino,” “Wolf of Wall Street,” “Goodfellas” and the upcoming adaptation of “Killers of the Flower Moon,” recently made the comment that “Marvel films are not cinema.” In a recent interview with […]

Mayhem breaks out on campus as students race with stolen golf carts. graphic by Emma Palmer

Students arrested for playing IRL Mario Kart

The students caused absolute chaos recreating the popular racing game. Chaos broke out on campus last Tuesday as five students stole five university golf carts, allegedly intending to play IRL Mario Kart. The five students went by unnoticed as they stole, or as one student later claimed “borrowed,” the golf carts from the side of […]

Customer service workers endure odd hours, low pay

The University of Tulsa employs many workers in a field nationally celebrated this week. This year, Customer Service Week runs from Oct. 7-11. Customer Service Week is a week to highlight customer service employees and all the crucial work they do for the general public. In 1992, the U.S. Congress announced Customer Service Week as […]

Hader accepted his third Emmy with a shoutout to his co-writer, Alec Berg. courtesy Emmys

Bill Hader wins third Emmy for work on “Barry”

Tulsa-born actor Bill Hader wins “Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series,” continuing a diverse career in television and film. The 71st Annual Emmy Awards took place on Sept. 22, and Tulsa native Bill Hader took home an Emmy for his role in “Barry” after his nomination for “Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.” […]

True Blue Neighbors, located on Sorority Row across from the Allen Chapman Student Union. photo by Madison Connell

Do Something Nice Day arrives Saturday, Oct. 5

An opportunity to volunteer and get to know your peers, this holiday is about sincerity and kindness. National Do Something Nice Day is coming up on Oct. 5. This holiday encourages everyone to perform random acts of kindness for friends or strangers. This could be as simple as buying someone’s lunch or volunteering with an […]

Joe Hight discussed the life of his older brother, Paul Hight, at the launch of “Unnecessary Sorrow.” photo by Madison Walters

Joe Hight discusses mental health in newest book

Pulitzer Prize winning writer Joe Hight reflects on his brother’s death in “Unnecessary Sorrow.” “We need to continue having discussions over mental illness. We need to remove the negative stigma that surrounds mental illness.” Joe Hight urged the audience attending his book launch to not be afraid of discussing mental illness. The book launch was […]

Okla. schools in shambles after Hooters shuts down

Public schools are scrambling to teach sexual education in the wake of breasturant closings. Oklahoma’s hands have been forced in the recent decision to include sexual education in school curriculum. The decision came after all branches of popular restaurant chain, Hooters, were shut down in the state after violating state health codes. Oklahoma legislators were […]

Anti-Semitic speech and symbols found in Fisher South

An unknown person left racist language in a stairway in the freshman dorm on campus. On Aug. 27, the co-ed freshman dorm building, Fisher South, was vandalized. The graffiti in the southwest stairwell depicted anti-Semitic symbols and speech. A resident of the building found the graffiti and reported it on Aug. 27 at approximately 10:50 […]

“Serial burglar” strikes at the Muslim Student Prayer House

A man unconnected to TU steals from a campus safe in a string of burglaries against Muslim institutions. On Aug. 24, the University of Tulsa’s Muslim Student Prayer House was robbed. The robbery occurred from approximately 4:08-4:24 p.m. The burglar broke into the office of the building and stole money from the safe. A representative […]