Courtesy University of Tulsa

Best outdoor study spaces

A new school year is starting, bringing with it dozens of homework assignments, study hours and projects. There may also be socializing among peers, but in the middle of a pandemic, that requires wearing masks and social distancing. Where is the best place to social distance? Why, outside, of course. There is so much potential […]

Ticket prices with standard prices compared with standard prices at every event. graphic by Emma Palmer

How pricey are TU sports tickets?

Investigative sports journalist Myranda New compares prices for TU sports between men’s and women’s events and with those of other colleges and professional leagues. Calculating the prices for sports tickets is a complex business, one that must take fan interest, supplies and scholarships into account as well as many other factors. Every year, the prices […]

Halsey will go on tour with “Manic” this year; tickets are already on sale. courtesy Capitol Records

Halsey’s “Manic” adds authenticity to discography

The pop singer’s third studio album incorporates a wide range of emotions and stories. No matter how you feel or what you are going through, I promise that Halsey can put your own unique sentiments into words through her newest album “Manic,” an introduction to the full emotional spectrum. Her third studio album following “Badlands” […]

Major changes to ACT grants freedom to retake sections

It’s too soon to tell how the changes to this standardized college admissions test will impact universities, including TU. The most taken standardized college admissions test in Oklahoma will be allowing students to “superscore” the sections to make a higher overall score. The ACT standardized test is well-known to many high school students as what […]

How to survive the Oklahoma winter: you won’t

Nine tips and tricks for TU students who’ve never braved one of our winters before. It’s that time of year again! When the baking sun decides to quit beating on the backs of the youth walking between classes, the clouds snatch up the opportunity to roll in along with every other winter weather symptom out […]

Make a Difference Engineering pitches projects for local children

An on-campus engineering organization proposes designs to help disabled children. On Friday afternoons, dozens of Engineers and STEM majors from various disciplines pour into Stephenson Hall, ready to work on projects for as long as they need to be completed. Both a course for credit and a student organization on campus, Make a Difference Engineering […]