South Korea, hosting this year’s Olympic Games, has a history of tension with North Korea. Courtesy NDTV

North Korea not redeemed by Olympic Games

North Korea’s charm offensive is not enough to forgive them of their numerous aggressions and indiscretions against their own people and other nations. Much of this year’s Winter Olympics media coverage is focused on one topic. North Korea’s participation and all the negotiations, political implications and awkward moments that comes with it have been in […]

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22 Indian crewmen and oil tanker missing off West Africa An oil tanker and 22 crewmen are missing in West Africa, off Benin in the Gulf of Guinea. The Panama-registered Marine Express hasn’t made contact since last Thursday. According to the International Maritime Bureau, the Benin Navy is continuing its search for the ship. A […]

The University of Tulsa offers three majors, eight minors and three interdisciplinary degrees in a variety of languages. Courtesy University of Tulsa

Native languages deserve more attention on TU’s campus

Unfortunately, TU has too many financial uncertainties to add a new, albeit helpful, language program. At Yale University, students must complete a language requirement by either taking the required classes or placing out of the courses by proving their fluency. Many students have pointed out, however, that indigenous languages aren’t among the dozens of options. […]

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Nearly 100 killed by Taliban in Afghanistan At least 95 people were killed last Saturday when attackers drove an explosive-laden ambulance past a police checkpoint into a secure zone in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. The alleged target was an interior ministry building. The Taliban, who also killed 22 in a Kabul hotel last week, have since […]

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Kidnapped U.S. and Canadian Citizens Freed in Nigeria Police say two Canadian and two American citizens who had been kidnapped in Nigeria were freed last week. The citizens were kidnapped last Wednesday as they tried to travel to the capital Abuja from the town of Kafanchan. A joint police and military operation ambushed the kidnappers […]

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United States President alarms many with racist comments Last Thursday, President Donald Trump sparked bipartisan outrage when he asked why he should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” like Haiti and some African nations, according to sources with direct knowledge of the conversation. His comments came during a Cabinet Room meeting intended to negotiate a bipartisan […]

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Australian leaders debate child terror detention In Australia, politicians have proposed terror legislation that could allow children as young as 10 years old to be held for two weeks without charge. Some politicians say the legislation is necessary, as the Islamic State specializes in recruiting children. Opposition politicians and some charities, such as Unicef Australia, […]

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Protests against arrests in Hong Kong Last Sunday, thousands of demonstrators protested against the recent arrests of Umbrella protest leaders in the streets of Hong Kong, while China celebrated the 68th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The prisoners, Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law, led hundreds of thousands protesters as they called […]