New TU weekly email greeted with excitement

Most rejoice but some complain as TU launches new weekly email “A Look at TU Last Week.” A video released and obtained by The State-Run Media last weekend shows TU football players chanting, “New! Email! New! Email! New email!” The clip, while brief, sums up the state the university was in after the news broke. […]

Graphic by Madeline Woods

Sports staffers split on Super Bowl picks

We thought about going with the title: “Justin and Zane get it right, Thomas and Joe get it wrong,” but we have to at least keep up the appearance of impartiality. Justin: OK, so I’m only batting .500 on “Bleacher Creature” conference championship predictions made in January 21 issue of the Collegian, but who cares? […]

The event exuded casualness, with backlogs of zines stacked on benches and free for the taking. Photo by Ethan Veenker

Tulsa Zine Night a niche, underground experience

Prominent in Tulsa’s underground literary scene, Broken Thumb Press hosts Tulsa Zine Night annually in an effort to bring zines to the forefront of Tulsa’s art culture. The pH Community House is tucked away at the end of a neighborhood on Phoenix Avenue. Featuring a mural of a koi fish on its north wall, the […]

Trump’s tax plan puts athletic departments in tough spot

According to Tulsa’s athletic director, the impact of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” on college athletic departments is yet to be determined. It’s no wonder President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Job Act is seeing unprecedented disapproval ratings. America’s favorite sport, college football, receives a devastating blow from the legislation. Amongst a vast array of […]

The VRChater in his natural habitat. Graphic by Madeline Woods

“VRChat made me a weeaboo,” says TU junior

Have you ever wanted to be a sexy anime girl? Now, it’s possible with the latest craze in virtual reality. The latest internet phenomena, VRChat, allows users to don virtual reality goggles, then create a character of any likeness to chat in first-person point-of-view with other 3D-rendered characters. The “State-Run Media” was recently let on […]

The twenty-four carat gold bitcoin medallion that your "friend" bought. Courtesy Pixabay

How to take advantage of your “friend” from high school that has over 250 bitcoins

What’s hotter than bitcoin right now? Other people’s bitcoin. Bitcoin. You’ve probably heard this word recently. There’s a lot of hearsay on the nature of the aged cryptocurrency. “What the hell’s a cryptocurrency?” “How can something made from nothing be worth something?” “Dude, I bought five fake IDs on the darkweb with MY bitcoin.” Whether […]