Lake Washington School District in Washington state held their walkout for funding in 2015. courtesy Flickr

Teacher walkout stymied by lack of respect for educators as professionals

Walkouts give teachers agency in the face of the legislature, but they don’t always result in funding. The once-earnest appeal toward better public schooling has turned into a classic bipartisan discussion, wherein the damn progressives beg for more taxes and the damn conservatives are a bunch of stingy fools who are morally wrong. It’s becoming […]

Oklahoma law enforcement confiscated nearly nine tons of industrial hemp. courtesy Fox25 News

Hemp truckers jailed in Osage County

Two commercial truckers are facing trial after unwittingly transporting industrial hemp with THC content above the legal limit Commercial truckers Tadesse Deneke and Farah Warsame have had an extended introduction to the American prison system for the last month. Not long before their imprisonment, the two men were hired to haul a trailer from Kentucky […]

Construction and road-closing updates are available at as the project progresses. courtesy News on 6

IDL loop under construction until 2020

The construction primarily affects US-75 northbound and US-64/SH51 eastbound. The Inner Dispersal Loop (IDL) and its constituent routes are predicted to be under construction until early 2020, weather permitting. The $25 million renovations will reconstruct the roadways on the south leg of the IDL, including portions of US-75, I-244 and US-64/SH-51. These projects are expected […]

Local coffee roaster begins selling breast milk lattes

A groundbreaking local coffee shop receives praise for its innovative beverage choices. “The nutty notes of oat milk, the thick decadence of goat’s milk and a slight hint of salt make the breast milk latte at LAFA Coffee Roaster a must-buy,” says one Yelp reviewer. LAFA, which opened in Tulsa in 2018, has been heralded […]

Incumbent Republican candidate President Donald Trump (left) could be pitted against any of the Democrats pictured opposite. From left to right: (top row) Elizabeth Warren, John Delaney, Richard Ojeda, (bottom row) Julián Castro, Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard. graphic by Conner Maggio

A rundown of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate hopefuls

Though it is likely that not everyone has announced their bid, six Democrats have so far. Because the majority of the Republican party refers to Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, this article will only cover Democratic candidates. Elizabeth Warren – Warren rose to celebrity in her duel of wills with President Trump over her […]

courtesy Tulsa World

Oktoberfest proves a wild, tumultuous experience

The beloved festival returned in full force this year, welcoming both the initiated and the new. Too much. Toooooo much. 300 beers, not enough money. Aftermath is sickness. The antebellum is sickness. Everyone lost something: I lost my innocence. Bavaria is either a twisted place or it’s being ill-represented. Go to Oktoberfest. The whole thing […]

courtesy University of Tulsa

Nimrod Conference exciting opportunity for students

The list of authors featured at the upcoming conference is long and illustrious. The Annual Nimrod Conferences hits TU on Oct. 19 and 20. Featuring award-winning authors, the conference gives writers guidance and insight into their craft. Students will receive a largely discounted rate of $10. This year’s Nimrod Conference for Readers and Writers is […]

graphic by Conner Maggio

The ‘90s are the new ‘80s

We are now old enough to have our childhoods repackaged and sold to us. Gestalt theory has this seminal approach to thinking that defines itself with the word “Now.” There is all this screaming about end of days and then the nuclear spring in which humanity engages in the ultimate deep ecology of mass suicidal […]

How to be a freshman loser

Student writer, fitness expert and TU football player Thomas von Borstel shares his boundless fitness wisdom. It must seem really creative to adapt the title of “The Biggest Loser” TV show and apply it to my college newspaper headline. If you think that’s creative, get this: I could also tell you how to lose weight […]