Can anyone in the league stop the Brooklyn Nets?

The Brooklyn Nets, who are already a power house, decided to make a contract deal with Blake Griffin, the recent Detroit Piston and Los Angeles Clipper. His accolades include rookie of the year in 2011, six NBA All Star selections and a Slam dunk contest win in 2011. He is not an average player. Now, the Brooklyn Nets have a superstar addition in his joining the team along with the All-Stars Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden.

The GM for the Brooklyn Nets, Sean Marks, had some commendatory words to say about Griffin. Marks stated, “We’re fortunate to be able to add a player of Blake’s caliber to our roster at this point in the season, Blake is a versatile frontcourt player with a long track record of success in our league, and we’re excited about the impact he’ll make for us both on and off the court in Brooklyn.” Head coach, Steve Nash is looking for Blake Griffin to be a great ball handling power forward/center off the bench.

Having these four All-Star material players, the question that has to be asked is if it is too much for one team. The old adage “the more the merrier” is something to think about, but not every player can score 25+ every game. This will be a new role for Blake Griffin, considering that normally he is the man of the team scoring 25+ having double digit rebounds.

The Nets have a great chance to make it to the Finals this year, and Blake Griffin is not new to being in the Playoffs. As a Clipper, he went to the Playoffs six times, but sadly came up short in each appearance. The Pistons made it to the Playoffs with him as well, albeit only one time, in 2019#######. A championship is in Blake Griffin’s mind for sure, and it seems that him taking on a smaller role to help his team win may work.

The Nets have been having success this year adding on James Harden, so one more All-Star won’t hurt. He will also be reuniting with his former teammate DeAndre Jordan. They were a power duo during their years together with the Clippers. Bringing that fire to the table will also help with the Nets success. Unfortunately, Blake Griffin is out presently with a left knee injury. He is hoping to get back on the floor with his team and help them win. Interestingly enough, this aggravated former injury may have a strong effect on Griffin’s game, as he has not had a dunk in a game since 2019.

Adding Griffin as an asset to the team is not a bad move, but only time can tell whether his renaissance will see completion at a championship level.

Post Author: Joseph Breedlove