Apples, peaches and pear trees will all grow in Oklahoma and could be grown on TU’s campus. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Improve TU #25: Replace cloned trees with fruit trees

Fruit trees on campus would provide students with free snacks, without costing the university additional upkeep. Many college campuses around the United States have planted fruit trees across their land, which would be a great improvement from our campus’ cloned trees, which do not actually offer students anything other than aesthetic value. As the want […]

Improve TU #26: Consider donating unused dining dollars

Students with an excess of dining dollars at the end of the year could buy items to donate to charities. Presidential scholars often have so many dining dollars to spend it’s become a joke at TU. “Befriend a prezzie,” someone might say to another who’s complaining about lack of food or running low on their […]

Improve TU #27: Do SOMETHING to make game day parking easier

Any student on campus with a car knows the struggle of parking on a big game day. There are a number of situations which may cause a student to find themselves being prohibited from parking in the lot for which they paid money. Lots that aren’t reserved on game days fill up quickly with exiled […]

Improve TU #28: Critical thinking skills a vital life lesson

Students need to take the time to think through the facts before flinging themselves into an unfounded opinion. Few things in life are as uncomfortable as someone who is sure that their opinion, founded on few facts and little contemplation, is better than your informed and studied opinion. As college kids, we’ve all seen this […]

Improve TU #29: Open McFarlin’s South door to students

McFarlin’s South door is currently labeled for emergency exits only, but opening it for regular use would make students’ lives easier. The McFarlin South Door: infamous in its endless emergency exit-ness. It frustrates all of us that wander from Oliphant, Zink, Kendall, or any other assortment of southwardly oriented buildings on campus. How convenient would […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature and upcoming bills and the terms to know. With a little less than two months left in the second regular session of the 56th legislature, Oklahoma’s lawmakers are making headway on key bills. Here are a few simple breakdowns of bills […]

Oklahoma has long been awash with education problems, going so far as to cut the school week. Teachers are protesting for themselves and their students. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Okla. teacher walkout sorely needed

Teacher protests are another symptom of a state government that’s completely failed its duty to public education. On March 13, the Tulsa Public Schools Board voted unanimously to support a statewide teacher walkout beginning April 2. The walkout was originally planned to happen only if the state failed to pass a bill raising teacher salaries. […]

Tax bill requirements dampen competition in legislature

Lack of competition in state legislature largely springs from the stringent requirements imposed on tax bills. In the upcoming Oklahoma midterm elections, there is a lack of declared officials running for the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the Senate. Currently, there are only 41 candidates running for 24 Senate seats. Three of these open seats […]

Professors’ social media presence can be a great way to connect with friends and colleagues or a way for students to pry into their personal lives. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Professors don’t have special privacy rights

Moderating what professor information students can and cannot look up is an impossible standard to uphold. Let me put my on my old-man cap for a minute and yearn for the way things used to be. If you ask me, we have access to entirely too much information nowadays. You can play a thousand faux-inspirational […]

Professors’ social media presence can be a great way to connect with friends and colleagues or a way for students to pry into their personal lives. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Students should respect professors’ privacy

Professors do not agree to become the subject of scrutiny and speculation by virtue of teaching. The Internet has made it incredibly easy to access a plethora of personal information about absolutely anyone. With the majority of the U.S. population on Facebook, it is highly likely that you can find your classmates, colleagues and even […]