Self-driving shuttles part of safer future

Driverless vehicles in downtown Tulsa would improve the safety and efficiency of the city’s public transportation. With the opening of the Gathering Place on September 8, city council officials are currently deciding on new forms of transport in Tulsa. These new driverless shuttle services would allow visitors to ride from the Gathering Place to Philbrook […]

The extra cost of textbooks can be crushing to university students. graphic by Conner Maggio

Textbooks an overheavy financial burden

The educational value of textbooks, especially digital ones, is not often worth the high price point. Fun fact: College is expensive. From tuition to housing to a meal plan, there are enough charges that loans have become a norm in today’s college culture. Enough of a norm that the total cost of student debt in […]

Furnishing campus apartments teaches responsibility

Moving into a new place requires furnishing it yourself, and students should not expect their apartments to be any different. If a student wants to live in a fully furnished space at the University of Tulsa, there are available options. Any of the multiple apartment complexes on campus, however, are not one of them, and […]

Pre-furnished student apartments a necessity

Furnishing an apartment is often above a college student’s financial means, especially for out-of-state students. The dorms have a fair number of downsides: public bathrooms, smaller quarters and no kitchen. One thing that the dorms did right for me was being pre-furnished. The furniture was nothing special, just some neutral, birch pieces meant to provide […]

Though medical marijuana has been legalized within the state, Oklahoma campuses haven't caught up. graphic by Raven Fawcett

Medical marijuana belongs on campus

Despite its history of misuse, marijuana should be legally available to those in need of its medicinal properties on campus. Marijuana possession is legal in most public places, including college campuses located in Oklahoma, and is also the most commonly abused illegal substance in the world. The many attempts to legalize medical marijuana in the […]

Meet your 2018-19 editors

A questionnaire to help you get to know the editorial staff. Name: Justin Guglielmetti Position at The Collegian: Editor-in-Chief Major(s): Marketing Early bird or night owl: I love staying up late, waking up early, and sleep. Somehow it never seems to work out. Best spot to hang at TU: Library steps looking towards downtown, but […]

Alongside the Villa Philbrook, the Golden Driller stands tall as one of Tulsa's most iconic landmarks. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

A non-Tulsan’s take on Tulsa pop history

If you’re new to living on Tulsa Time, here are some of the city’s most iconic locations and stories from its popular history. When I walked onto campus as an out-of-state freshman last year, I knew a lot about TU as a university and the opportunities it could present me: I knew that the school […]

Raven’s declassified res hall survival guide

A Housing Staff member’s insights to help you navigate your new home away from home. Moving into a residence hall is tough. Suddenly, there are people everywhere — you can’t even brush your teeth alone, much less blast your music at midnight like you could in high school. With res hall living comes Housing Staff […]

Mediation and exercise are both key to many people's destressing routine. courtesy FreeStockPhotos

How to deal with freshman stress

Maintaining healthy coping methods is a must for the upcoming school year. No one comes to college without already having heard at least a dozen different lectures about how much their life is about to change: new social groups and opportunities, harder school courses, raised expectations from peers and the new onus of managing your […]