Improve TU #17: Cut the shit: Improve TU’s toilets

While functional, some bathrooms on campus aren’t necessarily places you want to use. A wise sports editor once said, “You can judge an establishment based on the quality of its restrooms.” To be fair, I was commenting on one of my grandparents’ favorite burger joints rather than a university, but I feel that the point […]

The Tower of Reconciliation at John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park is a perfect example of a monument that students should learn more about. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Improve TU #18: Add a Tulsa history Block II class

A Tulsa history class would encourage discussions on important issues, which have and will continue to affect the U.S. as a whole. One missing element in the University of Tulsa’s history curriculum is the option of learning about local history. While discussing events in world history is obviously extremely important, a Tulsa history course could […]

Improve TU #19: Promote meaningful feedback for essays

Students deserve to know what they can improve on and what they did well at when receiving their grades on essays and long-form assignments. My first grade in college was an essay for Governing Ideas in America by Professor Hockett. He’s slightly infamous in political science for his harsh grading and the detailed analysis that […]

Improve TU #20: D1 athletics drains Golden Hurricane

D1 athletics often cost schools more money than they make and don’t serve as a draw for potential or current students. Schools that have D1 athletics absolutely love to point out that they have D1 athletics. They love talking to parents and potential students about D1 athletics, they love having one whole ad (!) air […]

Improve TU #21: Let them share paper

Students should be allowed to transfer their unused printing pages to students who have run out of pages to print. At the University of Tulsa, each major has different academic needs. One that is consistent across majors is the access to paper and the use of a printer. Due to the necessities of their classes, […]

Over spring break, Oliphant Hall cleaned up its flyer board, but very quickly these boards will become cluttered without change. Photo by Kayleigh Thesenvitz

Improve TU #22: To clean up campus, get rid of old event posters

Too often, event posters are left up for far too long; a stamp system might lead to cleaner boards. A small, almost unnoticeable issue on TU’s campus is our handling of posters in the halls around campus. Full disclosure: I can’t really speak for Keplinger or Hardesty Hall in this article, as my travels usually […]

Graphic by Conner Maggio

Improve TU #23: Make ACAC, ACAC again

Allen Chapman Student Union should be renamed back to Allen Chapman Activities Center. Allen Chapman Student Union, renamed when it was renovated in 2014, is still mostly referred to as ACAC by students. Now that most everyone who went to school before this change has graduated, the name “ACAC” still continues to be used. Why […]

A community garden serves as a place for students to destress by tending to the crops or sitting peacefully within the greenery. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Improve TU #24: Public gardens would enhance TU community

Many universities embrace community gardens, as they serve a multitude of purposes. Why can’t TU be next? Community gardens serve many purposes. Students and faculty can use the produce they grow, get their hands dirty for a little while or use the space as a relaxation zone. And increasingly, colleges and universities across the U.S. […]