Small classes encourage individualized learning

Smaller student-to-teacher ratios offer a better qualilty of education and are one of the biggest draws for prospective TU students. As a University Ambassador, I always try to hit on certain points when I’m giving tours to prospective students. I tell them about our roomy and affordable on-campus apartments, successful Division I sports program, the […]

Trump presidency not affected by outrage

Although discourse around Trump’s administration focuses on scandals, his power may only be checked by the midterm elections. November marks the second anniversary of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. Since then, he has turned the national news cycle into a “What did Donald do today?” section. I mean, really. For two […]

Over the last few decades, union membership has dropped considerably while anti-union rhetoric has sky-rocketed. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Labor Day part of larger historical tapestry

Labor Day is the result of decades of union work, but the history of the holiday goes underappreciated in modern politics. Last Monday, we celebrated a day off before our third week of classes. However, most of us have never really paused to consider the day we are supposed to use to allegedly honor labor. […]

Despite the connotation of "race riot," Black residents of Greenwood were the victims of the 1921 events. courtesy Wikimedia

Greenwood 1921: A Riot or a Massacre?

As we approach the centennial of the destruction of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, it is necessary to examine how we discuss the event. Recent years brought a great deal of controversy surrounding the language we use to discuss the 1921 attack on Greenwood, Tulsa. The most common label, “The Tulsa Race Riot,” is drilled into […]

The Flat Earth conspiracy has infamously gained traction over the last few years. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Conspiracy theory renaissance linked to internet culture

Online forums allow global interaction between large numbers of individuals, but also enable the spread of gross information. Throughout the United States and, in some respects, the rest of the world, there has been a growth in conspiratorial beliefs. These beliefs range from the Earth being flat to new political conspiracies, such as Q-Anon. For […]

Finding a concrete self-definition is often encouraged during the college experience, but not everyone will see such a dramatic change in themselves. graphic by Conner Maggio

Finding yourself can wait

It’s key to remain flexible and patient during college, despite the pressure to define yourself. Whether it is from stereotypes in movies and shows or our own hopes and dreams, we associate college with a lot of different personal milestones. In these four years, we search for so many things. We try to find a […]

Seeing the public areas of TU seemingly abandoned during the weekend is par for the course for those living on campus. photo by Emma Palmer

Weekend campus culture lacking

Due to a lack of recreational planning, TU students may have difficulties finding public social spaces during the weekends. Picture this: it’s a Saturday afternoon and you have just finished all your homework for the day. So you decide to go out. Maybe you don’t have a car, or maybe you just want to save […]

The death of former presidential candidate John McCain has sparked political debate over the validity of his political contributions. courtesy Wikimedia

Politicizing death not a substitute for action

Using the deaths of public figures as political commentary distracts from personal political responsibility. In this past week, the deaths of two individuals from very different places have dominated headlines and social media. The first was Republican Arizona senator and two-time presidential candidate John McCain to a battle with brain cancer on August 25, marking […]

Allotting a specific day off of work for citizens to vote will ostensibly increase voter turnout. graphic by Conner Maggio

Election Day holiday vital for voter turnout

Tulsa Public Schools’ decision to make Election Day a holiday for its employees bodes well for the health of Tulsa’s democracy. The Tulsa Public Schools Board is in the progress of making November 6, Election Day, a holiday for all employees. Through this policy, all school employees will be able to vote without worrying about […]

Increased kinetic activity and self-pacing are designed to help students in Montessori schools have a more direct say in the direction of their own education. courtesy Flickr

Montessori school opens doors to new thinking

Educational options should grow to meet the diverse needs of students, and Montessori is a welcome addition to Tulsa public schools. The first Montessori school in Tulsa opened this August, generating a fair bit of excitement. Parents and teachers are happy to see a new kind of public school available for children from pre-K to […]