Super Bowl predictions from the sports staff

Matt Rechtien Sports Editor It would be poetic for the Patriots to win the Super Bowl this season. Their star player was suspended by Roger Goodell for four games, yet that wasn’t even a speed bump on their road to the playoffs. It would be sweet justice for Goodell to have to hand the trophy […]

TU talks: opinions on the Affordable Care Act

Dr. Clancy, president of TU: My experiences with the Affordable Care Act date back to 2009, the year prior to its passage in 2010. At that time I was invited to the White House to meet with leaders who would be writing the first drafts. In early 2009, those writers were almost exclusively focused on […]

Republicans need a repeal/delay approach to ACA

A couple weeks ago, the House voted 51 to 48 to approve a budget blueprint that would set the stage for a reconciliation bill, a beginning to the process of repealing Obamacare. (Contrary to what several popular social media posts claimed, they did not vote at the time to repeal sections of Obamacare). A budget […]

SA’s funding process needs to change

The Process Imagine that you’re trying to host an event for an organization, and you’d like to get money from Student Association to host the event. Organizations go through this process all the time, so it must intuitive and effective, right? Absolutely not. Let me tell you the steps that you need to take. First, […]

TU’s Theatre Department channels Shakespeare for a dystopic retelling of “Julius Caesar”

TU theatre’s recent production of “Julius Caesar” had everything you would least expect from Shakespeare: a future dystopian America, 14 cast members (rather than the usual ~40) and a script cut down from three hours to one. Before Tuesday night’s show began, director Laura Skoch explained that the production had been modified in several ways […]

TU students march in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Last Monday, TU students came together to march in Tulsa’s 38th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Parade, put on by the MLK Commemoration Society. The theme of this year’s parade was “Love Conquers Hate,” and featured floats, dance troupes, bands and even motorcycle clubs coming together to remember Dr. King’s message. Over a […]

Tulsa ranked #1 for female-owned small businesses

In late 2016, a Small Business Friendliness Survey conducted by Thumbtack named Tulsa the best city in the country for women who are starting small businesses. Thumbtack conducted interviews with female business owners throughout the country to calculate and compile the information into a study which focused on the owners’ optimism about their prospects, pay […]

Campus Security phone outages are nothing to worry about

TU students who receive text messages as part of the university’s emergency notification program may have noticed the recent warnings concerning Campus Security’s phone services. So far this month, there have been three campus phone outages that have ranged in time from 20 to 90 minutes, though at least one of those occurred over the […]

Congress people should have attended inauguration

Last Friday, over sixty Congress members boycotted President Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration ceremony. All of them were Democrats, and most of them publicly announced that they would not be attending because of their opposition to the president’s rhetoric. Meanwhile, people in organizations like the Girl Scouts and the Rockettes argued that they should not have […]