TU alum Ryan Torregrossa discusses newest album

Ryan Torregrossa’s first solo album is not an ode to his youth and his time as a student at TU, but rather a journal entry. “This was really just for myself,” he says. “I’ve been a singer-songwriter for a long time, and I’ve done a lot for other people, but this is my own thing.” […]

Frank Ocean delivers in his sophomore album

A little more than 4 years after his debut album Channel ORANGE was released, R&B artist Frank Ocean dropped his sophomore album, Blonde (stylized to blond), on August 20th. Ocean’s first studio album received extremely positive reviews and the R&B community has been “patiently” waiting for a follow up for some time now. Fans of […]

Gilcrease’s “TGIFrida” event attractive but overcrowded

Last Friday, Gilcrease Museum held the first event in their Gilcrease After Hours series, free late-night exhibits the last Friday of every month. The event, TGIFrida Friday, focused on the life and work of Frida Kahlo, a prominent Mexican painter best known for her symbolic self-portraits. Her influence could be seen everywhere, from the colorful […]

Thanks for everything, you ungrateful bastards

As the year comes to a close and I find myself in the Collegian office for the last time, I find myself filled with a strange kind of calm. I’ve been through the eight stages of grief (anger, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, anger, acceptance and anger) and now I’m filled with a curious kind of […]

Twenty-One Plus: RumChaiTea

RumChaiTea 4 oz. hot chai tea 1 oz. spiced black rum 1 oz. cream liqueur Optional: ½ oz. coffee liqueur Add rum and liqueur(s) to freshly brewed chai tea and stir. Serve hot, or pour over ice and serve chilled. Drink this if: A cuppa hot tea is what you need to soothe your nerves […]

“A Touch of Sin” takes an artistic approach to violence in China

The Oklahoma Center for the Humanities recently hosted their annual Big Ideas@TU, choosing this year to screen the Chinese film “A Touch of Sin,” followed by a panel consisting of several TU professors, each from different departments: Thomas Buoye, history department; Jeff Van Hanken, film studies; Mike Troilo, international business; and Helen Huiwen Zhang, Chinese […]