“Best of Enemies” not quite historical edu-tainment

“Best of Enemies,” which was shown at last Wednesday’s Pizza and Politics session, is a 2015 documentary about the 1968 debates between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, Jr. Vidal was a prominent novelist with many left-leaning views. Buckley was the founder and editor of National Review and a prominent conservative intellectual. The documentary focuses […]

Creative writing major kicks off to readings, workshops

The English department held a celebration of TU’s new Creative Writing major this past weekend. The celebration included panel discussions, workshops and readings by acclaimed writers and literary scholars. Among these writers were novelist Rilla Askew, autobiographer and transgender activist Katie Rain Hill, author and US Marine Phil Klay, author and professor Trudy Lewis, novelist […]

“Eight Days A Week” brings context to Beatlemania

Despite only recording music for eight years, The Beatles still live on in popular culture and on countless “Best of All Time” lists 46 years after their break-up. This relevance is due in large part to “Beatlemania,” a period of international infatuation with the band covering the first four years of their tenure. Ron Howard, […]

“Lo and Behold” shows promise, falls short

One common criticism of the internet is that it’s destroying the minds of young people. With so many different forms of entertainment always available, the argument goes, youth will constantly multitask and never develop the ability to focus on a specific topic. Whether or not attention spans are decreasing, that meandering lack of focus is […]

Tulsa’s cultural festivals

Last weekend, two festivals celebrated the ethnic diversity of Tulsa: Tulsa Greek Festival and Tulsa’s Scotfest. The festivals allowed community members and visitors to get an experience of the culture, food and shopping. The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church hosted the Tulsa Greek fest, which boasts itself as Tulsa’s longest running ethnic festival. With this backing, […]

Wilco’s “Schmilco” is worth crying over

The anticipation for the needle to hit the wax was almost too much. Wilco has been one of the most impressively prolific bands around in the past decade-or-so. There’s the landmark Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the sweet-as-heroine Summerteeth and 2015 left us with fuzzy guitar riffs in Wilco’s very own Star Wars. Since 2012, Wilco has […]

Creative writing major nears eventful launch

The University of Tulsa now offers a creative writing major housed in the Department of English. The conception of the program came in response to high demand for creative writing courses. Department chairman of English Randall Fuller, Professor Keija Parssinen, Professor Grant Jenkins and Professor Michael Wright collaborated on a program to study fiction writing, […]

Star Citizen delivers where No Man’s Sky disappointed

On August 9th, 2016, Hello Games released its much awaited procedural universe exploration game, No Man’s Sky. Since its announcement, players had been promised large faction battles with meaningful impacts, the ability to play a number of different career roles, real-time planetary physics, multiplayer, complete control of landing, alien languages and a virtually infinite amount […]

Tulsa Ballet balances tradition, fresh spirit

The Tulsa Ballet, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, began its season on September 16th with a production entitled Creations in Studio K. The show featured three exciting performances that were written especially for the Tulsa Ballet and which premiered for the first time in the world right here in town. This show was […]