Musings of a displaced country boy

It should come as no great shock to any of us, but the way of life in the city is far and away different from how we do it in the country. Not to say that one is inherently better than the other, far from it. I have found many things that I like much […]

Epic Rap Battles of History gave an epic performance in Tulsa

On Thursday Sept 3 the youtubers behind Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB), Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD, brought their tour to Tulsa, and it was easily the most entertaining concert all year. ERB is a youtube video series that recently completed their fourth season of videos. Their videos are recognizable for having famous historical and […]

“Phoenix” balances romance with historical accuracy

In an age of cinema saturated with heroic and near-apocalyptic depictions of World War II, it’s too rare an occurrence that a film tries to capture the ambiguity of the reconstruction that followed. This reconstruction included the international outcry for reparations, widespread moral introspection and the Allies’ obligation to mend the Axis. These conflicting emotions […]

A guide to gay Tulsa: Local LGBT+ resources

Hello folks! Welcome to Tulsa. If you are new to Tulsa, or even if you have lived here your whole life, you may have heard that we are a red city, in a red state, in a red region. Consequently, you may have assumed that it is basically impossible to be a queer person in […]

Off-campus dining options for less than ten dollars

The University has tried “its best” in the last few years to provide a variety of dining options for students and faculty. Although we are thrilled to no longer be limited to The Caf, Chick-Fil-A, Hurricane Hut and Subway, the additions of Benvenuto’s, Baja Jack’s, Einstein Bros., Star Ginger, Sushi Blu, Pizza Hut and Tossed […]

Mental health resources available in Tulsa

Hello everybody! It is Tara again (from the gay Tulsa thing), but this time, I want to talk to you about mental health. Transitioning to college can be hard. Maybe for you it will be a total breeze and you will not have any problems – and if that is the case, great! However, if […]

Carlisle Floyd fireside chat provides some insight for outsiders

This past Saturday, the Tulsa Opera hosted “An Evening With Carlisle Floyd” at TU’s Lorton Performance Center. Floyd is hailed as the “Father of Modern Opera” and is well known for works such as “Susannah” and an operatic version of “Of Mice and Men.” “Of Mice and Men” was featured at the Tulsa Opera this […]

Baseball and the absurd: a coming-of-age story

My childhood bedroom had no ornamentation in it, save a single framed photograph of Stan Musial that sat on my nightstand. As I tried to fall asleep I would stare at the photograph and feel its weight in my hands. Only when I reached adolescence did it occur to me to ask who this man […]

“Kintsugi” delivers complex, pleasing songs

The first time I ever heard Death Cab for Cutie was my freshman year of high school. I was given a CD with two DCFC songs on it: “Crooked Teeth” and “Marching Bands Of Manhattan.” I was instantly hooked by their liquid sound and lyrical complexities. One could say I was pretty excited when I […]