TU Ten: boozy board games

Monopoly. Our recommendation: Rum. Monopoly’s an… interesting experience for a lot of different reasons, one of which is that it simulates all those fun things you’re going to have to do after college like pay bills, take out mortgages, live for a whole month on $200 dollars in a neighborhood you already can’t afford, and […]

Year in review: best albums of 2015

This past year in music was largely characterized by innovation. Whether it was an up and coming Atlanta City rapper featured on a heavily 80’s influenced atmospheric art-pop album or a new wave of contemporary jazz— this year saw it all. Some oldie but goodies fell short of expectation while new artists climbed the ranks […]

Take a nostalgia trip with The Peanuts Movie

For as long as I can remember I have loved the Peanuts comic strip. Who hasn’t? Charles Schulz’s beloved characters have been cultural mainstays since they were introduced 50 years ago. The Peanuts Movie has been in development for several years. However, Schulz’s estate refused to allow any adaptation that would depart from the spirit […]

An introduction to Wheeler Walker Jr.

Wheeler Walker Jr. is supposedly an up and coming country musician whose appearance has caused quite a stir. He recently released a three-song EP titled “Fuck You Bitch” that is a precursor to the release of his first full length album this coming February. This record is being produced by Nashville’s Dave Cobb, who is […]

The Good Dinosaur little more than passable

Just five years ago, Pixar seemed like they could do no wrong with their films. Apart from the polarizing Cars, every Pixar film seemed to be a modern classic: an incredible mix of comedy, drama, action and emotion. Recently, however, things haven’t been looking so bright for the studio. After a string of lowest rated […]

The Void

Has a local newspaper published an article that doesn’t agree with your narrow viewpoints of the world? Do other people have opinions that are contrary to your own? Use these simple methods to forcibly change other people’s minds, or at least destroy their reputation. Petitio Principii: A classic also known as begging the question. Why […]

Adele manages to impress despite shortcomings in 25

It seems like yesterday that Adele was struggling to hold onto her six Grammy awards, when it was almost impossible to turn on the radio and hear anything but “Someone Like You” or “Set Fire to the Rain.” It also feels like an eternity since we’ve heard anything new from her. Apart from her title […]

Spectre frustrates more than entertains

The fourth Craig-Bond film puts Bond on the trail of the powerful shadow organization named Spectre. In the aftermath of Skyfall’s tragedies, Bond’s allies find their hands tied with a threatening merger and all-out surveillance dissolving their agent program. This is such a frustrating Bond film. The premise is great, the overall plot is pretty […]