Goodnight Mommy provides shock, not horror

The movie Goodnight Mommy focuses on the story of three people. A mother returns to her isolated lake house with two children after undergoing facial reconstruction surgery. Her interactions with her sons, twins Elias and Lukas, are unusual and cold behind a bandaged face. The ten-year-olds begin to suspect an imposter, human or otherwise. The […]

Should you do the Honey Boo Boo bop?

She’s back. A year or so after the cancellation of her show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” the fiercely confident Alana Thompson has now released a single. Titled “Movin Up,” the song features her, her sister and Adam Barta (a singer known for his duets). There are good and bad parts to this song. On […]

The Void

So you’re sitting in the study room with a cup of tea. You move your hand a little bit and you spill the steaming liquid all over the homework you just spent four and a half hours on. Or maybe you’re in class taking notes furiously and you spill your coffee all over your friend […]

University School Trivia Night spellbinds attendees with challenges of wit

The University of Tulsa hosted a Trivia Night two Saturdays ago. It was open to the public as a fundraiser for The University School, sponsored by Williams Cos., and offered alcoholic beverages alongside quiz questions—some challenging, some effortless—for the 21-and-over-only attendees. Emceed by Jeanne Nass of Tulsa’s 103.3 The Eagle, the event featured nine teams […]

The Hourglass Project: a glimpse behind the curtain

This week, the theater department will finally unveil its latest production, “The Hourglass Project.” The play deals with the question “What’s it like to go from being an 80 year old to a 20 year old?”, and all the problems that come from it, in a light, humorous tone. During an interview last week the […]

“Girdberd” proves looks aren’t everything

“Gridberd” is an action horror game created by Wareberd that takes place in the fictional Jonson mansion. I usually compare a game to something it resembles (the horror style, game play, etc.), but it’s hard to compare this game to anything. A lot of people were saying this was going to be a great game […]

100th First Friday fails to be fantastic

Last Friday night I stepped out of my car and onto Brady Street with a hearty breath of fresh fall air and a faint, fluttery sense of anticipation in my stomach. I had heard that this week’s art crawl was supposed to be extra special. It was, after all, the 100th First Friday event held […]

“Grandma” handles difficult subjects with poise

Delicate is the last word one might use to describe the titular grandmother in the movie “Grandma,” but the movie itself is a delicacy. Where society’s taste in recent years have certainly shifted toward the heavy hot-sauce and creams of the film world, the action thrillers and raucous comedies, occasionally it is pleasant to sit […]

CHVRCHES album Every Open Eye is a sophomore spectacle

CHVRCHES (pronounced “Churches”), an electronic indie-pop trio from Scotland, released their first album in 2013. The Bones of What You Believe was a fun but fairly simple record that proved that the group had potential. Their new album, Every Open Eye, proves they are here to stay. Lyrically and instrumentally, Every Open Eye diversifies CHVRCHES’ […]

Twenty One Pilots provide “TØP”-tier entertainment

The concert began with a short set by Finish Ticket, an indie pop rock band that showcased more rock than pop. During their slowest song, the audience waved their cell phones and lighters without prompting from the band, eliciting a grateful response from Finish Ticket’s members. Reminiscent of punk rock due to the lead vocalist’s […]