Tom Huck creates refreshing satirical pieces

Go ahead and walk into the Alexandre Hogue Gallery in Phillips Hall sometime between now and February 18th—I dare you. The prints you’ll find lining the walls are unquestionably disgusting: cross-eyed, gap-toothed figures violate and maim each other, with religious and commercial imagery interspersed. The scenes are offensive, self-indulgent, crass and beautifully intoxicating. These are […]

Pops mixes retro products with modern style

If you’ve ever wanted to drink a soda called Swamp Swill, take a selfie in front of a giant soda statue, or consume the most delicious floats in existence (seriously, dat ice cream will rock your socks off), then Pops is the place to go. Some friends and I made the excellent decision to road […]

McNellie’s: worth it for the fries

I went to McNellie’s last Wednesday with fellow Collegians Sam Beckman and Abigail LaBounty, along with a group of their computer-science-major friends, to try out McNellie’s four dollar burger night. McNellie’s, for all you out-of-towners, is an Irish pub-style bar and restaurant located on First and Elgin. The pub has been a Tulsa fixture for […]

Youth overcomes contrived script through brilliant characters

Youth is a very admirable but scatterbrained film. It’s greatly helped by the performances, but thrown off course constantly by a flawed script. Retired composer Fred Ballinger tries to enjoy a vacation at a Swiss resort with Mick Boyle, a filmmaker and longtime friend who struggles to finish his last script with younger co-writers. Due […]

TU Ten: Just skip class

1. It’s too cold to walk around campus. 2. You got all the readings in your syllabus, so if you stick to those you can just show up on test days and you’ll be golden. 3. You haven’t seen your friends all break and you finally have a chance to catch up before schedules get […]

Elote’s Puffy Tacos a two dollar treat

In the interest of full disclosure I should begin this review by mentioning that I am personal friends with the assistant manager at Elote. His name’s Andrew, we’ve known each other since high school, and we both know enough bad stuff about each other to leave us at a curious social stalemate where each of […]

Blackstar offers goodbye from Bowie

On Sunday, January 10, one of the world’s most beloved and influential artists, David Bowie, passed away. After a lifetime of creative innovation and dedication to music, the artist died at the age of 69. He had been battling liver cancer for 18 months, just enough time for him and his trusted team to create […]

Nothing ever changes and SO CAN YOU

The sun knows no difference on January 1. In fact if the sun had a consciousness I doubt it would notice the inhabitants of our small planet at all. And yet come that fateful first day, we fuss and concern ourselves about that intangible, ineffable, wholly unmalleable thing known as change. My advice for those […]