Avant-garde poetry night cuts to the bone

TU Poetry Professor Dr. Grant Jenkins opened the annual Tulsa Avant-Garde Poetry Reading (an event where TU students and Oklahoma poets presented their work) by promising to play his electric bass in the background throughout the event, noting that he thought poetry readings could get boring. I think I can guess what he was getting […]

TU Ten: Major Ailments

1. Sociology: a mysterious conviction that they are surrounded by systemic inequality and injustice (they are). 2. Physics: the mistaken impression that they live in a knowable, ordered universe. 3. Petroleum Engineering: the occasional moral hang-up about their role in environmental degradation. 4. Philosophy: being a dick to your friends. 5. Political Science: the knowledge […]

Frogbelly and Symphony all over the place

Going into this album with only the band name, the album name and the cover art, I didn’t expect much. I thought they were going to be some Neutral Milk Hotel wannabes, but instead of changing the face of music with an amazing combination of sounds and killer lyrics, like NMH, I thought Frogbelly was […]

Common inspires despite overlooking social issues

Common, an award-winning hip hop artist from Chicago, spoke at the Reynolds Center last Friday. He began his talk with a freestyle rap that lasted several minutes and name-dropped Tacos Don Francisco, Mayo Village and 7th Street House. Mentioning TU-area landmarks was a nice touch, and it made it seem like he cared about where […]

TU Ten: Least Known Spring Break Destinations

1. Nagorno-Karabakh: The international community may not recognize it as an independent country, but don’t tell that to the proud and self-governing residents of these Azerbaijani highlands! Nagorno-Karabakh is completely landlocked, so there will be literally no one competing with you for a spot on the beach. 2. The Mariana Trench: This trench at the […]

Charlie Hebdo’s Old Testament streak

An image is not the thing it represents. This point was made most poignantly by René Magritte when he wrote “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” beneath a perfectly adequate, two-by-three foot painting of a tobacco pipe. Clare Haynes, Bell Visiting Professor of Anglican and Ecumenical Studies, brought it once more to life in a Thursday […]

Writers foretell what’s in new Mumford & Sons album

The album art for “Wilder Mind” is a good indication of what’s inside. In a change from the urban settings of their previous album covers, the four members of Mumford and Sons are seen galloping across the American prairie on painted horses, holding their instruments aloft and shouting into the wind. Similarly, the music in […]