Paper Towns disappoints fans of the book

Anyone searching for an enjoyable romantic “dramedy” (dramatic comedy) should go see Paper Towns. This movie that came out in July, and was based on a novel of the same title written by John Green. The story is from the perspective of Quentin Jacobson (Nat Wolff), who goes by Q. He opens the movie by […]

The Taken King expansion revitalizes Destiny

For many titles, the first year in the video game industry can mean the difference between life and death. Countless games blink out of existence in this crucial timeframe, most of which turned out to be either nothing but hype, or simply not replayable enough to generate a community. Destiny had a rough first year. […]

“The End of the Tour” chronicles acquaintanceship of David Foster Wallace and David Lipsky

Acclaimed author David Foster Wallace, most well known for his satirical masterpiece “Infinite Jest,” killed himself in 2008. Afterward, fans and reporters struggled to describe Wallace’s life, work and genius. Author David Lipsky recounted five days he spent interviewing Wallace in 1996. His book, “Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself,” became the basis […]

TU Ten : Youtube channels to help you procrastinate

It’s week three and homework is due, tests are coming up, and you’re starting to feel really bad about binge watching Game of Thrones for the third time. Have no fear, we have ten Youtube channels that are fun-ducational so you can justify your procrastination with dodgy excuses like: “Well at least I’m learning something.” […]

Aquí Estamos : “Here we are” proclaims the art exhibit

José Galvez, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, has made waves in the photography world documenting the lives of Hispanic Americans in exclusively black-and-white photographs. He now brings his influence to the Tulsa area with “Aquí Estamos,” a small collection of some of his best work which is currently featured at the Thomas K. McKeon Center for […]

Mistress America: a must-see comedy

About 20 minutes into Mistress America you realize that you’ve been strapped into a car and somebody’s ripped out the breaks. You’d bail, but there is something gloriously exhilarating about careening pell-mell down a hill, accelerating faster and faster until…well, you’re not quite sure because the ride’s too much fun to think about what’s at […]

Tallest Man on Earth & Lady Lamb concert charms

This past Wednesday, Cain’s Ballroom welcomed The Tallest Man on Earth, accompanied by opener Lady Lamb, to Tulsa. Neither artist had performed in Oklahoma prior to last week’s concert, and both said they were honored to play at the historic venue. The show opened with Lady Lamb entering the stage and immediately launching into an […]

“The Diary of a Teenage Girl” is disturbingly realistic

Wild, disorienting, and at moments bordering on pornographic, The Diary of a Teenage Girl calls its viewers back to adolescence. Anyone who remembers their teenage years will remind you that those were never “better days” nor “simpler times.” They were terrifying and giddy. Minnie’s secret diary, recorded on audio cassettes, takes us through her trials […]

Adventures of an international student

Studying abroad has been my dream since I was in elementary school. Today I’ve finally achieved it here at TU. As usual, the sweet comes with the bitter. Problems that I ran into, and am still running into now, were unimaginable before I came here. The first thing I, or any other international student, hears […]