The most recent entry in the legendary saga was met with a slew of positive and negative reviews alike. Courtesy Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“Star Wars VII” a mixed bag

The film has its blunders, and plenty of them, but the positives ultimately outshine any glaring negatives. (Major spoilers follow) I don’t know that I even consider myself a “Star Wars” fan per se, but it is a series I find myself thinking of much too often and, thanks to the new trilogy of sequels […]

The most recent entry in the legendary saga was met with a slew of positive and negative reviews alike. Courtesy Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“Star Wars VIII” a truly welcome addition

The controversial new film’s greatest strength lies in its grit and its incorporation of women. (Major spoilers follow). Rian Johnson’s “The Last Jedi” could have been another generic blockbuster, but instead, it’s a thoughtful piece of art that engages its audience — and takes risks by doing so. Art today is by nature political. To […]

A well-meaning but poorly-written book for students

“OMG, the Things I Learned in College” is an attempt by author Bob Roth to share his wisdom to college-bound students, but is so full of mistakes and borderline-offensive scenes that it’s best to avoid. Coming out of winter break, the most-asked question (aside from “What are you going to do with your life, seriously, […]

Some of the eponymous “trendsetters” featured in the gallery include Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Photo by Cheyanne Wheat

“Trendsetters in Triptych” an intimate and emotional exhibit

The Zarrow Center’s new gallery features triptych shots of famous and influential artists, combined with anecdotes from the photographer. “Trendsetters in Triptych” is showcased at the Zarrow Center on MLK Jr and Brady. It is in the “Gallery Prep” room in the back corner of the first floor. I had difficulty finding it myself. A […]

Joe Momma’s a welcome addition to Tulsa pizza scene

The newly reopened restaurant offers a decent slice, a friendly ambiance and an interesting range of specialty pizzas. The old Joe Momma’s marquee sits at 112 S. Elgin, marking an empty shell of a building. I don’t know if the walls are still blackened by July 2015’s fire — I didn’t go inside. Its previous […]

The gallery’s design is simple: a variety of fascinating photos donning the walls. Photo by Emily Every

“Monterey Pop: 50 Years” shows music history up close

Featuring a gallery of photos from the legendary Monterey Pop festival, the new gallery captures the energy of performance in unusual ways. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of D.A. Pennebaker’s “Monterey Pop.” Pennebaker’s film is one of the most well-regarded concert documentaries of the 1960s and remains a cornerstone of American pop-culture iconography. Both the […]

A dog-eared surprise in the middle of nowhere

A brief account of my holiday trip to a small Texas town that harbored a sweet, literary surprise. I rolled into Archer City, Texas, on Christmas day to stay with my girlfriend and her family for a week. The town’s welcome sign, disguised as any normal street sign, boasted a population of around 1800. It’s […]

“Evita” a surprisingly emotional experience

The biographical musical of an Argentine president’s wife, “Evita” provided an array of emotions: from humor, to wonder, to heartbreak. These last couple of years have seen the deaths of some of the most beloved celebrities, and with Oprah recently becoming a tentative candidate for president, the story of Eva Perón makes more sense now […]

photos by Adam Lux

Bleachers concert urges you to your feet

Bleachers, along with opener Bishop Briggs, gave an emotional rollercoaster of a concert. Watching Bishop Briggs literally run back and forth across the stage, as if she had just realized she needed to get ready for a marathon, gave me an energy at the start of the Bleachers concert I didn’t initially have. Bishop Briggs, […]

True Story Slam gives another night of casual entertainment

Ok, So’s hosting of November’s True Story Slam stuck to the general process of how they go each month: entertaining, but not out of the park. It’s that time of the month again; IDL ballroom and Ok, So hosted November’s “True Story Slam.” The theme was “Wanderlust,” or the desire to travel. While there were […]