Upcoming finale of “The Good Place” reminds audiences of its power

“The Good Place” explores ethical intricacies and what we owe to each other. “The Good Place” sadly airs its series finale on Jan. 30. The show premiered season four, its final season, in September; it is now reaching the final episode. NBC reported that this particular episode will be 90 minutes long. “The Good Place” […]

courtesy Domino Records

Playback 1/27/20

Arctic Monkeys — “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” When I was 13, I had specific images of England in mind: girls with scribbled, smoky eyeliner, ashing what was left of their cigarettes, moody skies and faded brick landscapes, the intangible spirit of rock, whatever fostered the Clash, the Smiths and the […]

David Lynch stars in his own short film, interrogating the capuchin monkey, Jack, in “What Did Jack Do?” courtesy Netflix

David Lynch’s new short film continues the director’s legacy

“What Did Jack Do?” offers the director’s signature style to a wider audience on Netflix. On Jan. 20, a new short film by acclaimed director David Lynch was released on Netflix, taking audiences and fans of the unique director by surprise. Lynch, famous for directing films such as “Blue Velvet,” “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With […]

Gov. Kevin Stitt sues native tribes over gaming contract

The office of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced on Jan. 22 some updates surrounding his ongoing dispute with various native tribes in Oklahoma regarding the State Gaming Compact, which Stitt believes expired on Jan. 1. In response to the filing of a federal lawsuit by several tribes, Gov. Stitt and the State have opted to […]

Kathryn Polk delivered a heartfelt and deeply personal lecture discussing her work and inspiration. photo by Stasha Cole

Kathryn Polk brings personal history to Hogue Gallery

“Spilt Milk” is full of prints featuring individual symbols and stories from Polk’s own life. The Alexandre Hogue Gallery hosted an artist’s talk and opening reception on Jan. 23 to introduce Kathryn Polk and her work to TU students, faculty and visitors. Polk has been a lifelong illustrator, but within the last two decades, she […]

Legislative Digest 1/27/20

With the legislative session about to begin on Feb. 3, here are two of the noteworthy bills that were submitted in the past few months. Senate Bill 1819: This bill prohibits gender reassignment medical treatment for any people under 18 years of age. According to the bill, gender reassignment medical treatment includes “suppressing development … […]

Warren also recieved the endorsement of the Des Moines Register. courtesy Lorie Shaull/Flickr

The New York Times’s endorsement not pragmatic, indecisive

By choosing to support Warren and Klobuchar, the newspaper’s backing means even less. On Sunday, Jan. 12, The New York Times released their endorsements for the 2020 Democratic Primary. That’s right, their endorsements, plural. The newspaper endorsed two candidates for the office for the first time in their history, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. While […]

Rebecca Lescay lays it up with finesse. photos by James Taylor

Tulsa Hurricane sinks the Pirates

Basketball journalist Hannah Robbins discusses the players and strategies that led to Tulsa’s first conference basketball win against the East Carolina Lady Pirates. On Tuesday the Golden Hurricane snapped a five-game losing streak to surge to a late victory over the East Carolina Lady Pirates. Lead by Kayla Moutry’s 19 points and Rebecca Lescay’s 15, […]

The two Democratic candidates that The New York Times chose to highlight this year are Sen. Amy Klobuchar (above) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. courtesy Gage Skidmore/Flickr

The New York Times endorses two candidates for the first time

The newspaper picked one progressive and one moderate candidate, marking a change in tradition. For the first time in its history, The New York Times editorial board, a group of opinion journalists and editors, has chosen to support two separate candidates for presidency. The New York Times announced its support of both Amy Klobuchar and […]

US Senate debates impeachment trial rules, begins trial

Additional controversy already surrounds the impeachment trial over the lack of witnesses. Monday, Jan. 20, the impeachment trial of Donald Trump began in the United States Senate. After over a month of withholding the articles of impeachment, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent over the charges and designated seven impeachment managers. These seven representatives […]