A Blue Lives Matter demonstrator rides in a cart. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Blue Lives Matter not focused on protecting the police

The events that transpired at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 horrified the nation, yet felt remarkably unsurprising. Photos of the event show a sea of red caps and Trump propaganda, along with a handful of Blue Lives Matter flags. The most ironic photo shows a man holding a Blue Lives Matter flag duct […]

Partisan election challenges present threat to democracy

Throughout history, American voters have watched their candidate win, lose or decide to run again but very rarely, if ever, have we seen an entire voter base disregard their candidate’s loss and claim victory. The 2020 election made history in many aspects, but most notably, in the fact that Donald Trump refused to concede and […]

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ABC challenges TU to support Black student body

In a letter addressed to Interim President Levit, the Board of Trustees, TU Administration, the faculty and staff, the Association of Black Collegians (ABC) outlined seven steps the University of Tulsa should take to support the Black student body. Eight other on-campus organizations signed the letter. Including Black Women’s Association, Black Men’s Initiative, The Student […]

Courtesy of: UC San Diego News Center

COVID vaccine researchers hope to beat testing period record

At the beginning of the calendar year, researchers in China released the genetic sequence of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, allowing scientists worldwide to begin work on a vaccine. The fastest vaccine development from testing to approval is the mumps vaccine released to the public in 1971 after beginning research in 1967. Countries around the world hope […]

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Students assumed the risks of the pandemic, not the guilt

It isn’t easy to determine whether students follow social distancing protocol by the overwhelming amount of maskless Instagram posts and Snapchat stories. Socially-starved college students returned to campuses nationwide after living at home for almost half of the year. Even though colleges have implemented safety measures to limit in-person interaction on-campus, administrations have little control […]

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Millions of Americans face pandemic-induced eviction

An estimated 30-40 million Americans are at risk of losing their homes by the end of the year according to a study conducted by the Aspen Institute. Federal financial support from the CARES Act expired at the end of July, which put more Americans back at risk of eviction due to COVID-19 related complications. Even […]