Metric’s Pagans in Vegas may be polarizing for fans

Metric was formed in 1998, the brainchild of vocalist Emily Haines and guitarist James Shaw. Their first album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (2003) was an alternative rock record fueled by electric guitar and plenty of angst. Over the last twelve years, however, Metric has been slowly moving toward an electronic pop-rock sound. […]

“Stanford” proves chilling and dramatic, seldom strays from reality

Stanford Prison Experiment is based off a simulation of the same title, conducted by Philip Zimbardo in 1971, in which male students recreated the conditions of a prison in the basement of an office building. I use the word simulation because, despite the renowned psychologist’s reluctance to admit such, the ‘experiment’ lacks an independent variable. […]

Australia’s power struggle hits home

Australia has had five Prime Ministers in the last eight years. How does that even happen? The Australian government is a federal one, much like the US, with six individual states united under a single constitution. What’s unique about it is that in doing so, they never fully separated from England, and Elizabeth II is […]

Presidential debates don’t (and shouldn’t) matter

On September 26, 1960, presidential candidates John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Milhous Nixon took the stage in CBS studios in Chicago to debate the hot-button issues of the day and argue their own merits as candidates. Debates had been an integral part of American politics for much of its history—think Lincoln-Douglas—but never before had they […]

Sanders falls short

Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont, has raised much excitement in certain segments of the left. There are no scandals or investigations hovering over his campaign. He has shown no hesitance to embrace the progressive vision. However, no matter how much some voters like Sanders or his ideas, this doesn’t necessarily translate into electoral […]

Sanders offers hope

The American political landscape is extremely disheartening. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that offers a glimpse of hope in the 2016 election. The Supreme Court decision concerning Citizens United ruled that political spending is a form of free speech, therefore allowing corporations and wealthy individuals to pour unlimited money into super PACs. These political […]

School handled hoax bomb correctly

Although what happened to Ahmed Mohamed started in an unfortunate manner, the school actually responded properly; the police, however, responded inappropriately. After bringing a homemade clock to school, Ahmed was accused of creating a hoax bomb and subjected to numerous interrogations. There were two main questions surrounding this issue: was the accusation racist, and what […]

OMG! Here’s five reasons why you need clickbait

With the advancement of technology anyone and their mother can make a website. With all these articles left and right, a problem appears for said creators. This problem resides in the fact that certain sites don’t receive as much activity, because there are thousands of the same kind. Thus, clickbait was born, and while some […]