Student advocacy groups inform on mental health issues

With the recent rise in mental health issues in students across college campuses in the U.S., one student here at TU has created a group to bring awareness to the problem. According to the American Psychological Association, in the 2012-2013 school year, one-third of U.S. college students had difficulty functioning due to depression. In addition, […]

Sexual assault training points to a bigger issue

At the risk of having one’s enrollment availability disabled, each student at the University of Tulsa must complete an online sexual violence training course. The university claims that this class, along with the Alcohol Awareness class, is aimed at educating students and creating safer communities. The class incorporates a variety of topics and teaching methods […]

Automation will force us to change views on unemployment

As humans we have unjustly attributed inferiority and brought moral judgement upon many undeserving groups. People of different race, gender, religion, culture, preference, beliefs, sexuality; all these and more have suffered under the weight of prejudice and stigma. And we like to think we’re at least getting better. “Sure,” we might tell ourselves, “we’re not […]

Baseball predictions, oh how wrong we were

I’ll go division by division starting with National League East. Please note: all the quotes I use come from the article we ran last spring and represent our predictions. National League East “This division will be dominated by the Nationals. Adding Max Scherzer to 2014’s best pitching staff will prove devastating to a division weak […]

Baylor assistant seen on Tulsa’s sideline at OU

There was an unexpected guest on the University of Tulsa sideline during the Oklahoma/Tulsa game this past Saturday. Baylor assistant coach Jeff Lebby was on the Tulsa sideline, seemingly getting a first-hand view of the Oklahoma defense in lieu of their matchup on November 14th. The presence of Lebby on the Tulsa sideline violates NCAA […]

Women’s soccer opens conference with a draw

On Thursday night the Golden Hurricane women’s soccer team played their first American Athletic Conference game against the Memphis Tigers. Last season, Tulsa lost to Memphis, who finished second in the conference. This year’s contest had a different result. Throughout the game, each team had numerous chances to get on the scoreboard, but couldn’t get […]

Professors swap subjects, classes more enjoyable

TU student Margaret Skinner approached The State-Run Media last week after noticing that something seemed a bit off about her professor in Thursday’s session of Foundations of Psychology. “When I came into class on Thursday,” stated Skinner, “it seemed that, for once, there wasn’t an inherent disappointment in her eyes.” A similar report came from […]