Women’s soccer ranked No. 19, falls to OU

For the first time in the program’s 27 year history, the Tulsa women’s soccer team is nationally ranked. In the Top Drawer Soccer poll, the women rank No. 19 nationally. In their first game as a ranked team, the Golden Hurricane traveled to Norman, OK to face the Sooners. The game started out rough for […]

Women’s golf competes in Schooner Fall Classic

The women’s golf team began their season this weekend with their first appearance at the 3rd Annual Schooner Fall Classic hosted by the Toby Keith Foundation at the Belmar Country Club. Twelve schools are represented at the classic including Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Florida State, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Kansas State, University of Texas San Antonio, […]

Syria: A comparison

Quick recap Though the Syrian crisis has gained massive international media attention recently, this problem didn’t begin yesterday. Civil war started this crisis in March of 2011. Since then, nine million Syrians have fled their homes. Six and a half million are currently displaced in their own country. Three million are in the neighboring countries […]

Ben Carson should not be the GOP nominee

Ben Carson is an accomplished pediatric neurosurgeon. He is the first person to separate twins conjoined at the head successfully. His life story is inspiring. He is also an altogether kind and decent man. His faith and devotion to God are both very clear. However, none of these are grounds enough to gain the nomination […]

Ben Carson is great (in theory)

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has done some amazing things. He started off an inner-city kid from Detroit with poor grades and a violent temper. After turning his life around, he graduated from Yale. He landed a spot in Johns Hopkins’ neurosurgery residency. He was the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins who were attached […]

CNN hosts second round of GOP debates

Currently, there are sixteen major candidates in the Republican primary. CNN hosted two debates on September 16 for fifteen of them. Having two allowed the candidates with higher poll numbers to be separated from those with lower numbers. Originally, the main debate was going to have the top ten candidates in an average of national […]

Tulsa living wage calculations have serious implications

A group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology led by Amy Glasmeier, a professor of Economic Geography and Regional Planning, created the Living Wage Calculator in 2003. Since then it has been updated as frequently as possible to give the most accurate picture of every corner of the U.S. economy. The calculator is impressive for […]

How Kim Davis is changing perceptions

It’s Tara, your friendly neighborhood gaytheist once again, this time here to talk about marriage equality, religious liberty, and a furry little bundle of polarization commonly referred to as Kim Davis. If you had asked me two weeks ago how I felt about Kim Davis, the Rowan county, Kentucky clerk who has been refusing marriage […]

Egypt should pay reparations for accidentally slain tourists

The Egyptian security forces’ murder of tourists is appalling and Egypt should pay reparations. On Monday, September 14th, Egyptian Security forces accidentally attacked a group of tourists mistaken as militants in Egypt’s western desert. Eight of the twelve dead were Mexican, and consequently the Mexican government demanded a thorough investigation. Although that investigation is ongoing, […]

The Visit depicts a horrible side of aging

The Visit is a found footage horror-comedy starring two unknown child actors, Peter McRobbie (whom you might know from Netflix’s Daredevil as Father Lantom, the priest Matt Murdock would sometimes talk to), Deanna Dunagan (who hasn’t really been the lead in anything, but damn she should be), and Kathryn Hahn (you know Kathryn Hahn). It’s […]