Tales of a Trump in Tulsa

Summary The opening guitar chords of “Eye of the Tiger” cut through the crowd in ORU’s Mabee Center. Suddenly, the stadium surged. The crowd stood up, wild with “Make America Great Again” signs. As the song gained momentum, so did they. It was finally Trump time. The man himself came “risin’ up” from behind the […]

Anti-Islamophobia rally a needed display of acceptance

Over the past couple of weeks, Tulsa has seen some beautiful highs and some hate-filled, crushing lows. For some reason, we hosted Donald Trump and 15,000 people turned out to see him. Alarmingly, some of those people were not there to gawk, but actually embrace Trump as a presidential contender. Trump has been outspoken about […]

Candidate fact-checkers underrated

In the last few weeks, and arguably all of the past year, the media has been saturated with political rhetoric. From the State of the Union Address, to the many debates, to the individual speeches along the Campaign trail, we have heard plenty of conflicting information from our country’s leaders. That information has been routinely […]

Haven or Hell? Attendance should increase at TU bystander intervention workshops

When the topic of rape surfaces, many college students shy away from it. The word carries explicitly violent imagery—something that is objectively unpleasant to talk about. Although the stigma around sexual assault is slowly decreasing and sufferers of rape are increasingly sharing their experiences, the topic is still avoided by many students. This is not […]

Star Wars toys wrongly lack main female character

Spoiler-alert: Rey, from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, is one of the main characters. Spoiling this fact is what Hasbro says prevented it from making a Rey figurine in their Force Awakens Monopoly set. The game was released before the movie, and Hasbro claims “Rey was not included to avoid revealing a […]

Tom Huck creates refreshing satirical pieces

Go ahead and walk into the Alexandre Hogue Gallery in Phillips Hall sometime between now and February 18th—I dare you. The prints you’ll find lining the walls are unquestionably disgusting: cross-eyed, gap-toothed figures violate and maim each other, with religious and commercial imagery interspersed. The scenes are offensive, self-indulgent, crass and beautifully intoxicating. These are […]

Pops mixes retro products with modern style

If you’ve ever wanted to drink a soda called Swamp Swill, take a selfie in front of a giant soda statue, or consume the most delicious floats in existence (seriously, dat ice cream will rock your socks off), then Pops is the place to go. Some friends and I made the excellent decision to road […]

Twenty-One Plus

Nutty Bee’s Knees honey 2 ½ oz. dry gin 1 oz. amaretto ¾ oz. honey syrup* ½ oz. lemon juice optional: 3 drops each of almond and lemon extracts nutmeg almond *Honey syrup: Pour boiling water over an equal amount of honey and stir until dissolved. Drizzle honey into a martini glass in a spiral […]

McNellie’s: worth it for the fries

I went to McNellie’s last Wednesday with fellow Collegians Sam Beckman and Abigail LaBounty, along with a group of their computer-science-major friends, to try out McNellie’s four dollar burger night. McNellie’s, for all you out-of-towners, is an Irish pub-style bar and restaurant located on First and Elgin. The pub has been a Tulsa fixture for […]