Letter from the propagandist

Dear reader, I am writing this letter, knowing it to be my last as Head Propagandist, and possibly my last act. You see, dear reader, I am planning an escape. Since I was chosen to become Head Propagandist, everything I have done has been for the advancement of the State-Run Media and its central message, […]

Desperados demand Derringers

The Movement… In late March, a change.org petition to allow guns at the GOP National Convention this July made its rounds on the internet. The petition currently has nearly 54,000 out of a goal of 75,000 signatures. While open carry is permitted in the state of Ohio, the Quicken Loans Arena has a private policy […]

Tulsa county election results

Voters headed to the polls this past Tuesday for the City of Bixby Special Utility Franchise election, as well as the City of Collinsville, City of Glenpool, City of Jenks, City of Owasso, City of Sapulpa and City of Tulsa Special Elections. The Tulsa County Sheriff Special General and Special Proposition Elections were also held. […]

Despite rough start, Springfest concert entertains

Last Tuesday night, SA concluded their Springfest activities with their annual concert in the Reynolds Center. The short distance from the crowd to the stage and the standing room floor gave the venue a similar vibe to concerts held at Cain’s Ballroom. This year’s show was the largest in the last three years, with four […]

Twenty-One Plus: Grasshopper Latte

Grasshopper Latte 3 oz. coffee liqueur 3 oz. cream liqueur 1 ½ oz. mint schnapps Pour all liquors over ice and stir. Drink this if: Coffee gets you going in the morning and you’d enjoy a minty splash to go along with the smoothness of a creamy cocktail. This grasshopper will jumpstart your day—or night!—and […]

TU’s Heartland Gaming Expo: Just a little uncomfortable

I felt a little bit uncomfortable at the Heartland Gaming Expo. That, in itself, isn’t that remarkable. I’m generally an uncomfortable person. If you see me walking around campus, I’m probably walking without comfort. That having been said, there’s something about being roped into an extended conversation with an anime merch vendor that takes my […]

Special Collections highlights astral projection in Vietnam

McFarlin Library’s Special Collections Department recently closed its previous exhibit, which showcased the fictional biography of and real-life influence of the ingenious character Sherlock Holmes. In its place is “Astral Traveling in the Nam.” The display uses Bruce McAllister’s book, “Dream Baby,” and a variety of related documents to elaborate upon soldiers’ personal experiences of […]

Eco Fight Night: 2 Fight 2 Night

On Friday, April 1, Earth Matters hosted its second environmental pillow fight, this one called ECO FIGHT NIGHT TWO: 2 FIGHT 2 NIGHT. Why the entire TU student body was not in attendance, I will never understand, because it was a great time. Last time, the event was more structured and included brackets and betting, […]

Circle Cinema celebrates silent film

The second Saturday of every month, the Circle Cinema shows silent movies as a part of their series “Second Saturday Silents.” This month’s feature was Harold Lloyd’s famous film, “Safety Last,” followed by an episode from Harry Houdini’s “Master Mystery” series. Second Saturday Silents is a unique event which celebrates the Circle Cinema’s long history […]

TU opera uses Mozart to display student talent

The Magic Flute is one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s more famous operas and includes a number of well-known and impressive arias. It follows the adventures of a handsome prince, a bird-catcher, the Queen of the Night and her beautiful daughter, and a mysterious wizard named Sarastro. Rather than a full-scale, lights-and-scenery production, TU Opera Theatre […]