Twenty-One Plus: RumChaiTea

RumChaiTea 4 oz. hot chai tea 1 oz. spiced black rum 1 oz. cream liqueur Optional: ½ oz. coffee liqueur Add rum and liqueur(s) to freshly brewed chai tea and stir. Serve hot, or pour over ice and serve chilled. Drink this if: A cuppa hot tea is what you need to soothe your nerves […]

“A Touch of Sin” takes an artistic approach to violence in China

The Oklahoma Center for the Humanities recently hosted their annual Big Ideas@TU, choosing this year to screen the Chinese film “A Touch of Sin,” followed by a panel consisting of several TU professors, each from different departments: Thomas Buoye, history department; Jeff Van Hanken, film studies; Mike Troilo, international business; and Helen Huiwen Zhang, Chinese […]

Tulsa Roots Music Bash attracts colorful crowd

Tulsa Roots Music Bash provided an opportunity to relax on the Guthrie Green, listen to some fantastic music, and do some really intense people-watching. This year marked the 3rd annual Tulsa Roots festival, an event which lasted most of last Saturday. Musical acts and other entertainment took to the stage starting at 2:30 in the […]

Spring Jazz Concert provides an ensemble of moods

Last Thursday, the TU school of music hosted the spring jazz concert. The TU jazz guitar ensemble and big band I played several selections. Pat Kelly, a TU alumnus, featured heavily throughout the works, and singers Olivia Duhon and Sarah Richardson accompanied him and the band in several pieces as well. The change in bands […]

Print media finally dies, but thankfully we’re prepared

In a “shocking” revelation at last week’s Collegian meeting, Editor-in-Chief Giselle Willis gathered all her courage and announced something she has feared for years: “Print media is dead.” Of course, the State-Run Media has been well aware of this, content to supply more fuel to Willis’ delusions for as long as she may fancy them. […]

So I saw a movie the other day

So it was Tuesday. I was having a good day, I had a bit of money; I thought, “I’m gonna go down to the old arthouse joint to watch some steamy, sensual, good old fashioned indie film.” I saw “Knight of Cups.” Wowee, what a mistake!! Christian Bale (Batman) plays a disillusioned Hollywood screenwriter who […]

Sponsored Content: TU awesome, has no problems

In the vein of The New York Times, Forbes, Buzzfeed and The Atlantic, State-Run Media has decided to embrace the cutting edge of journalism and begin running sponsored content. Paying brands work with State-Run writers and editors to create the most relevant, sharable content. Though some see this as a breach of journalistic integrity, we […]