TU professor attends archaeology conference to present research

Associate professor of Anthropology Thomas Foster recently attended the World Archaeology Congress at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. The conference, which ran from August 28 to September 8, was an opportunity for scientists from around the world to share their work, and make an impact on the future. The conference’s website states, “In recent years […]

TU professor takes unique research perspective on Bitcoins

Dr. Tyler Moore began participating in cyber security research when he was an undergraduate here at the University of Tulsa. Now, after obtaining a graduate degree from the the University of Cambridge and doing research both at Harvard University and Southern Methodist University, Dr. Moore has returned to his alma mater to continue his research […]

TU football player kneels during anthem

Last weekend, the University of Tulsa found itself the latest entity in the midst of the controversy that has been sweeping the nation since San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the song in a preseason NFL game three weeks ago. Prior to TU’s game at Ohio State University, as the football […]

TU Law school expands program, lowers tuition

The University of Tulsa’s Law School has announced a new tuition program to take effect in 2017. The Access to Legal Education Tuition will be $24,600 per year for full-time juris doctor students, significantly cheaper than the $37,960 tuition of our current academic term. Lyn Entzeroth, the dean of TU’s College of Law, said the […]

Grandson of Oral Roberts begins publishing memoir

Randy Potts’ memoir, The Bible Went Down With The Birdie Jean, is every bit as interesting and complex as his family’s legacy, but perhaps less scandalous. Potts is the grandson of Oral Roberts, often dubbed the first televangelist and of course the namesake of the rather infamous university. Robert’s preachings and promotional faith healings reached […]

#TUhonors911 misuses victims to advertise

The terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 were a turning point for the United States and the world. Every year, it’s become a tradition for institutions, both public and private, to recognize the shifts in our lives that the attacks, and the response to them, caused and attempt to honor the lives of almost 3,000 […]

TU OrgSpace an inefficient use of SA’s money

The tentative 2016 SA budget released last week showed how the organization spends its chunk of cash. And they spend a lot of it on TU OrgSpace. For the upcoming year, SA has budgeted $5,250 towards the site. This amount, the same as the previous year, is larger than the homecoming bonfire ($5,000), the orientation […]