“On the Origin of the Species” focus of TU professor’s new book

This past Tuesday, TU’s English Department Chair, Professor Randall Fuller, gave a lecture and answered questions about his new book, “The Book that Changed America.” The book discusses the effect that Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” had on various groups in America at the time: abolitionists, writers and social reformers, to name a […]

TU talks: opinions on the Affordable Care Act

Dr. Clancy, president of TU: My experiences with the Affordable Care Act date back to 2009, the year prior to its passage in 2010. At that time I was invited to the White House to meet with leaders who would be writing the first drafts. In early 2009, those writers were almost exclusively focused on […]

SA to conduct survey about Student Union restaurants

Starting on February 2, SA will be conducting a survey regarding dining options in the Student Union. The goal is to gauge student interest in the various dining establishments in the Student Union and to get suggestions for changes, such as different operating hours. The idea for the survey originates from a November 14 meeting […]

News panel offers journalists’ opinions on state of media

In light of the events of the 2016 presidential election, and the role of media throughout the race, an open panel of Tulsa journalists, authors and news anchors gathered to discuss the role of media in society and how that role has changed with the development of technology. Michael Mason, author and founding editor of […]

Republicans need a repeal/delay approach to ACA

A couple weeks ago, the House voted 51 to 48 to approve a budget blueprint that would set the stage for a reconciliation bill, a beginning to the process of repealing Obamacare. (Contrary to what several popular social media posts claimed, they did not vote at the time to repeal sections of Obamacare). A budget […]

Trans-Pacific Partnership didn’t benefit American workers

In one week, Trump attacked NAFTA and the immigration policy, shut down the Trans-Pacific Partnership, started dismantling the Affordable Care Act and began building the wall. Say whatever you want of Trump’s first days in office, but one of these moves shouldn’t be lumped in with the others. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was doomed to a […]

SA’s funding process needs to change

The Process Imagine that you’re trying to host an event for an organization, and you’d like to get money from Student Association to host the event. Organizations go through this process all the time, so it must intuitive and effective, right? Absolutely not. Let me tell you the steps that you need to take. First, […]

Enlightenment Week is a model for the United States

Enlightenment Week provides students the opportunity to come together in religious understanding. Through active discussion and the sharing of different religious perspectives, Enlightenment Week creator Reeza Rosnan encouraged us students to support one another regardless of our ideological differences. TU prides itself on its international focus. One of the first facts incoming freshmen learn about […]

Accountability committee important for Oklahoma

In response to the problems resulting from allegations of sexual harassment and wrongful termination being laid against two Oklahoma senators, a new committee is being set up to further investigate these complaints. The idea for this committee was created by Senate Minority Leader John Sparks. Sexual assault allegations have been laid against Representative Dan Kirby […]

Health at Every Size can change wellness rhetoric

Diet, exercise, weight loss, health, nutrition: all are words that are prominent in today’s culture. Society has become transfixed on ways to increase health. Whether it be through a certain meal plan, exercise regimen or a loss of “x” amount of weight, media promote various recommendations to increase health. Currently, doctors, media and health courses […]