Education can help stop blackface before college

Recently, two incidents of blackface on social media have occurred at OSU. One occurred on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in some bizarre celebration for having the day off, while the other, posted to Snapchat, featured a girl in blackface with the caption “when he says he only likes black girls.” The girl from the […]

The Flaming Lips are back in a pseudo-return-to-style

Formed in 1983 in Oklahoma City, The Flaming Lips are a prime example of “diverse discography,” with releases ranging from the psychedelic pop masterpiece “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” to the dreary and overwhelmingly heavy “The Terror.” Theirs is a rather large collection of albums, which can be briefly discussed starting at their sixth studio […]

Poor production hampers “Footprints in the Dew”

On September 26, 1970, E.C. Mullendore was murdered at his home in Osage County, Oklahoma. Mullendore, in charge of one of the largest ranches in the United States at the time, was 32 at the time of his death. His murder lead to the largest life insurance payout in American history: $15,000,000 (or $43,690,594 after […]

Pianist Krisztina Wajsza brings classical to campus

Tuesday evening, Feagin Visiting Artist Krisztina Wajsza regaled an enthusiastic audience in Lorton Performance Center’s Gussman Hall with a virtuosic solo piano performance to kickstart her weeklong residency in Tulsa. Audiences familiar with the classical genre will know that solo piano performances have a capacity for a particularly large range of delicacy and power, and […]

TU’s Theatre Department channels Shakespeare for a dystopic retelling of “Julius Caesar”

TU theatre’s recent production of “Julius Caesar” had everything you would least expect from Shakespeare: a future dystopian America, 14 cast members (rather than the usual ~40) and a script cut down from three hours to one. Before Tuesday night’s show began, director Laura Skoch explained that the production had been modified in several ways […]

The Void: What should I say to a grieving friend?

We’ve all been there. You’re minding your own business, ignoring the feelings of uselessness and mortal fear, when out of the blue, your friend sends you a message informing you that one of their loved ones has died or gotten cancer or something else, completely ruining your perfectly good day. How dare they. Ugh. You […]

Professor fucking kills it with latest PowerPoint

Dr. Jennings of the Chemical Engineering department is quite proud of his latest PowerPoint, students say. Intrigued by the fascination with this completely worthless tool for sharing information, the State-Run Media decided to investigate. The PowerPoint, which is a slight modification of the one provided with the textbook’s teaching materials, is 110 slides long and […]