True Story Slam gives another night of casual entertainment

Ok, So’s hosting of November’s True Story Slam stuck to the general process of how they go each month: entertaining, but not out of the park. It’s that time of the month again; IDL ballroom and Ok, So hosted November’s “True Story Slam.” The theme was “Wanderlust,” or the desire to travel. While there were […]

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TU holds information session on Title IX

with a perceived rise in sexual assaults on TU’s campus comes an increased efforts to investigate past and prevent future sexual assault cases. Listen up, everyone but especially ladies and members of the trans community! You’re about to be educated on your rights given to you by the glamorous Title IX. On Thursday, November 9, […]

Newman Catholic Center debates ethics of euthanasia

The Rev. Sean O’Brien led discussion concerning the moral implications of physician-assisted suicide. “Death should be a beautiful, good moment,” proclaimed Rev. Sean O’Brien in front of a group of TU students on Tuesday night. Most students in the group had affiliation with TU’s Catholic Newman Center, which sponsored the event. O’Brien’s discussion took a […]

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Man fixes superiority complex by asking girl with Nirvana shirt who Kurt Cobain is

Using the magic of musical snobbery, one local man was able to cure his superiority complex. A small miracle occurred last week when local TU douche-canoe Chaz Cardwick was transformed into a lovable, accepting guy due to one small act. Cardwick is known for being “knowledgeable about music” or, in layman’s terms, he only likes […]

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Decals decrying opioids well-intended, falls short

Stickers on Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Universities’ helmets that said “stop opioids” are a timely gesture that affected little lasting change. During last Saturday’s annual Bedlam game between OU and OSU, players on both teams wore decals that read “STOP OPIOIDS” on their helmets. Earlier this year, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter said 2,684 Oklahoman […]

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Documentary “Waste Land” worth a watch

“Waste Land” depicts the life of Brazilian landfill workers and their experiences and observations on the garbage in which they work. Vic Muniz is a New York-based artist most famous for his works that involve objects people don’t consider art: chocolate, glass, plastics, jelly, sand and drywall, just to name a few. Born in the […]

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Top podcasts for entertainment and education

Whether you’re a big fan of podcasts or are looking to break into the medium, here’s a good selection to move you along. “Alice isn’t Dead” “Alice Isn’t Dead” features the comforting voice of Jasika Nicole asking you questions about the sustainability of an economy where efficiency surpasses human capabilities, her missing wife and the […]

“The End Will Hurt” a thoughtful play on modern themes

TU Theatre’s performance of Laura Neill’s “The End Will Hurt” brought to campus a surreal and introspectively relevant piece of drama. A girl tries to save the president’s daughter and the Food Network is a voice in some one’s head, all in a world where Facebook is a real human being. Laura Neill’s “The End […]