Karen provided this family portrait featuring her then-boyfriend Travis and the late Amy. graphic by Naomi Dunn

Karen please take me back

Woman dumps boyfriend after he kills her house plants. A man named Travis of Monterey, California came to our offices this morning with a wild tale. He told us that his girlfriend left him because he “murdered” her house plants. He seemed adamant that we know the entire story, so we let the tape recorder […]

New undeniable proof that ghosts exist: my ex-wife

Local woman becomes a ghost to “ghost” her wife. Last Monday, history was made. Scientists have finally proved that ghosts exist. We were able to validate their findings by interviewing the ghost in question and her wife. This is their story. Picture it, Sicily, 1925. It was two weeks ago in Picher, Oklahoma. Quit being […]

Little Rebekka Jenkins with her “woke” mommy. graphic by Emma Palmer

Anti-Vaxx, Pro-Zombie rally

White California moms stage protest to fight their fascist overlords. Early Tuesday morning, hundreds of anti-vaxx parents materialized in the California State Capitol in protest of the recently proposed bill that would make the immunization of children mandatory. We were able to exclusively speak to several of these picketing parents. One such parent, Aimmee Khai-Leigh […]