Improve TU #4: Early core classes strain students, professors

Requiring students to attend classes before they are fully awake needlessly complicates their lives. Every major has core classes that are required for graduation. They range from classes that gently prep students with the knowledge they’ll be expected to know for their upper-level courses, to grueling requirements that weed out the kids that will soon […]

Improve TU #8: Teach health and sex ed classes

Students’ health and futures are on the line when considering ways to inform them about their anatomy and safe sex. “Pulling out isn’t an effective method,” my friend said, tilting his head over a GroupMe message he was about to send. He’d meant it as a joke. Someone had said they had just pulled in, […]

Improve TU #19: Promote meaningful feedback for essays

Students deserve to know what they can improve on and what they did well at when receiving their grades on essays and long-form assignments. My first grade in college was an essay for Governing Ideas in America by Professor Hockett. He’s slightly infamous in political science for his harsh grading and the detailed analysis that […]

Improve TU #28: Critical thinking skills a vital life lesson

Students need to take the time to think through the facts before flinging themselves into an unfounded opinion. Few things in life are as uncomfortable as someone who is sure that their opinion, founded on few facts and little contemplation, is better than your informed and studied opinion. As college kids, we’ve all seen this […]

Sylvan Esso concert passionate, infectious

Sylvan Esso swept through Tulsa in a dizzying swirl of lights, electronic beats and charisma. Sylvan Esso’s Tulsa debut featured familiar favorites from their first album (self-titled “Sylvan Esso”) and some new and catchy tunes from their most recent album (“What Now”) to a sold-out Cain’s Ballroom. After the first half hour, it was impossible […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature and upcoming bills and the terms to know. With a little less than two months left in the second regular session of the 56th legislature, Oklahoma’s lawmakers are making headway on key bills. Here are a few simple breakdowns of bills […]

Students can feel pressured or motivated by changing the weight of their grades with a plus/minus system. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Point/counterpoint: Pluses and minuses would fail students

Students would lose more than just their high GPAs if TU were to switch from its current system of GPAs to a plus/minus system. Universities have increasingly adopted a GPA system that counts pluses and minuses. As of 2002, around 56 percent of two- and four-year higher education institutions used the plus/minus system. For example, […]

Legislative Digest

The Legislative Digest is your weekly look at the happenings of Oklahoma’s state legislature, and the bills and politics you need to know. Oklahoma’s legislature has passed a stunning seven pieces of legislation since its start in February. Most have been recognitions of important dates or people, or emergency measures that help with the budget […]

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The 2018 Olympics in review

The 2018 Winter Olympics have come and gone: here are some of the most notable outcomes. Figure Skating: What didn’t happen in figure skating this Olympics? American Nathan Chen was the first to land five quads cleanly during an Olympic Games and the first to attempt six (his failed quad flip landed with enough rotations, […]

Legislative Digest

SB1016: This bill had the title stricken this week in committee (which means that the bill has to be reworked by the chamber, effectively giving the bill more time in the state legislature, as all bills need a summary statement at the beginning, called the title). It requires public schools that have enough money and […]